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  • Organizational Sense Making

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    Organizational Sensemaking in the FBI’s Amerithraxing Investigation: When Sensemaking Becomes Sense Faking During the fall of 2001, five or more letters were received in the mail by the offices of two U.S. Senators, and news organizations in New York and Florida. The letters contained a dry, powdered, and especially virulent and airborn form of the anthrax bacteria, as well as a handwritten note (D.O.J., 2010). As a result of these mailings, five people lost their lives, 31 more contracted anthrax

  • Making sense of strategy

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    B301A Making Sense of Strategy I An Analysis of the Impact of the Internet on Competition in the Banking Industry, using Porter’s Five Forces Model [Student Name] [Student ID] [Submission Date] Words: 2500 Table of Contents An Analysis of the Impact of the Internet on Competition in the Banking Industry, using Porter’s Five Forces Model Question 1: Examine how the emergence of the internet is likely to affect the competitive landscape of the banking industry.

  • Sense-Making Strategies For Ethical Decision-Making

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    References Caughron, J. J., Antes, A. L., Stenmark, C. K., Thiel, C. E., Wang, X., and Mumford, M. D. (2011). Sensemaking Strategies for Ethical Decision Making. Morals and Behavior, 21(5), 351-366. doi:10.1080/10508422.2011.604293 In this article, it expresses that the ebb and flow consider utilizes a sense making model and thinking procedures identified in prior research to analyze moral basic leadership. Caughron, Antes, Stemark, Thiel, Wang, and Mumford states that utilizing a specimen of

  • Rhetoric Making Sense Of Human Interaction-Making

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    “Rhetoric: Making Sense of Human Interaction and Meaning-Making” Explain what the term epistemic means.What is the difference if rhetoric is epistemic versus if it is not? Epistemic is understanding our perception to certain aspects in our daily lives. It is knowledge that we acquire because of our experiences and what we have lived. Rhetoric is just like a technique of persuasion, writing effectively, and it is about how we think and how we can change our thoughts. Therefore, rhetoric is not

  • Making Sense Book Report

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    “Making Sense: teaching and learning mathematics with understanding” is a book that focuses on learning for understanding, rather than having students blindly memorize topics that are deemed important. If students understand and interact with what they are learning, they are more likely to enjoy it and retain the concepts for further use. “Making Sense” outlines five dimensions teachers can use to create this type of classroom. These dimensions are the nature of classroom tasks, role of the teacher

  • Making Sense of “Daodejing” by Laozi

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    “The whole world recognizes the beautiful as the beautiful, yet this is only the ugly; the whole world recognizes the good as the good, yet this is only the bad.” (Norton) Some people in history thought this statement makes perfect sense; however, it is gibberish to me. How are the beautiful actually ugly, and good mean bad? My only thought process goes back to people having different values of life. My best cliché for this is “One man’s trash is another’s treasure.” Within the 81 verses of

  • Making Sense Of Creativity And Conceptual Performance

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    Making sense of Creativity and Conceptual Performance In this first summary paper I will focus on the article called “Looking Inside the Fishbowl of Creativity: Verbal and Behavioral Predictors of Creative Performance,” written by John Ruscio, Dean M. Whitney, and Teresa M. Amabile. I will break this summary paper to three headings focused first on the preliminary of the research based upon educated guesses by the researching authors, second the research conducted to answer the questions pertaining

  • Making Sense Of The World By Jessica Yadegaran

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    Jessica Yadegaran in “Making Sense of Selfies: Taking Selfies Feels Problematic Because We Aren’t Used To Them” explores two elements of the language of photography, namely the photographic attributes and the meaning. A specific photographic attribute that I observed in her article is framing. As mentioned in Module 1, framing enables the selection and description of “a slice of the world” through a photograph. Similarly, Stephanie Eads, who lives in Walnut Creek, points out that “selfies are [her]

  • Annotated Bibliography: Making Sense Of Children

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    References Collings, S., & Davies, L. (2008). For the Sake of Children': Making sense of children and childhood in the context of child protection. Journal Of Social Work Practice, 22(2), 181-193. doi:10.1080/02650530802099791 Cross, T. P., Mathews, B., Tonmyr, L., Scott, D., & Ouimet, C. (2012). Child welfare policy and practice on children's exposure to domestic violence. Child Abuse & Neglect, 36(3), 210-216. doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2011.11.004 Davies, L. (2004). ‘The difference between child abuse

  • Schwalbe's 'Making Sense Of The World Differently'

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    : Chapter 1, Making Sense of the World Differently, was extremely stimulating and eye-opening. It made me sit back and reflect on some things in my life. The parts that captivated me the most, was the sections on The Rarity of Sociological Mindfulness and Continuing Conversation. I agree with Schwalbe’s points that society values money and status, while issues with society are sort of swept under the rug. We live in the United States of America, one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the