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  • Disadvantages Of Mantis Shrimp

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    To many owner having saltwater aquarium, live rock is one of the essential things which set the natural tone for the whole tank besides fish and turtles. Not only does the collection of the colorful live rocks beautifies one’s tank but also provides shelters for the fish and filters the whole tank. However, everything has a good side and the bad one. The addition of live rocks to the tank may have some potential drawbacks, for not every organism living on those marine rocks is important, and even

  • Pill Bugs Research Paper

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    family, class, and an order. For the pill, it belongs the family of armadillidae; a family of ear inhabiting bugs that do not have a water transit system. These bugs must ultimately have the ability to roll up into a ball, completely. Their class is malacostraca which contains about seventy-five percent of all know crustaceans. These bugs can be physically described as minuscule creatures that are about ¾ inches in length and usually dark in color. Since they have no water transit system the mainly inhabit

  • Pill Bug Research Paper

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    Armadillidium vulgare are commonly known as pill-bug. Pill-bugs belong to the kingdom Animalia and are classified as Malacostraca. Belonging to the order of Isopoda, they belong to the Armadillidiidae family, and classified into the genus Armadillidium. A. vulgare are found in soil with a preference to moist environment (Holland 2014). This species see with ommatidia, smell using esthetascs, and touch with tactile setae to sense their environment (Holland 2014). Migita and Moriyama (2004) declare

  • Week 5 Lab Systematics

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    remain saved until you exit the lab room or close your Internet browser window. 16. Now, drag the tree window back to where you had selected Arthropoda in step 14. This time, click through these taxa in this sequence: Arthropoda > Crustacea > Malacostraca > Decapoda > Nephropidae > Homarus What is the common name of the species you have arrived at? ANSWER: The only name in the included section is the American lobster. Part I 17. Click the Save button to save this branch to the Lab Book. 18

  • Essay on Hasting's Point Photo Identification Booklet

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    Grade 11 Biology Bio Ecology Field Study By, Colton Hatcher Introduction Hastings Point is a small coastal town located in New South Wales that is sounded by a national park. Hastings point has been a great location for tourists due to its marine wildlife, beaches and fishing. This destination is home to a magnificent rocky shore perfectly suited for a vast majority and wide range of marine wildlife. The rocky shore has a wide spread of both biotic and abiotic factors which provides a

  • Essay on Ear and Following Questions

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    Reading TV news viewership has declined steadily over the past two decades. Several factors may have contributed to the decline: busy lifestyles, lack of interest, and the rise of the Internet. As viewership has declined, the remaining viewers have aged. Today, the average evening news viewer is 60 years old. TV networks' response to these changes has largely been negative. They have dropped hard news in favor of opinion pieces, "puff pieces," and stories that are of interest only to their older