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  • Mankato Myths

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    Many legends of hauntings in Mankato, Minnesota have been told time after time. Though many people tell these stories, it is unknown to whether or not they are true. In this research paper, I will discuss several different legends that have been told throughout time in Mankato. The legends I will further examine are: the legend of Sibley Park, the Memorial Library on campus, the Carnegie Art Center, and the Witch’s Grave. Being that I am from Mankato, Minnesota, I thought it would be very interesting

  • Mankato Landscape Analysis

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    I’m from Mankato, Minnesota and grew up watching the entire landscape of the city grow and change. The area in downtown Mankato has a very interesting landscape and has undergone transformational change. I have found it very valuable and interesting to look at the landscape and try to decipher it. I have figured out that in order to properly understand this landscape, I must be aware and critical of its contents. To paint a more specific picture, I will spend some time describing the areas of downtown

  • Genre Example Of A Brochure Sample

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    explanation behind choosing that specific genre example. Email The first Genre Sample I chose, was to write an email to Eric Anderson, the mayor of the Mankato City Council. I decided to write to Eric Anderson because I assumed he would be the best person to contact about starting a proposal for a new grocery store near the Minnesota State University Mankato campus. Eric Anderson could then give me some pointers on continuing this proposal and what I should do next in being able to get this approved for

  • Reflection Paper On Pride

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    Mankato Pridefest 2017 was the best time of my life. It was September 8th at Riverfront Park in Mankato, MN and went from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Every year at the same time hundreds of LGBT+ people gather together at the park and enjoy a bunch of festivities and be able to be themselves. I lived in the Mankato area for about 3 years and didn’t really think too much of Pride until last year when my friend dragged me down to the park and we saw all the drag queens removing their makeup and the staff was

  • Flight Simulators

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    do your research to find aviation school that uses advanced equipment. Investigate after the state of the flight simulators and training planes. Make certain that they are using equipment that will make you ready for the air. North Star Aviation Mankato

  • Chevy Sonic Research Papers

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    near Mankato is exactly what you are looking for. With a sporty hatchback or sedan body, fun exterior colors and more standard options than you would predict, this fun-loving small car is great for everyday driving or for those who ride as passengers. Each of the body styles is quite different, but once you have chosen from those you can further customize your Sonic by choosing a trim model. New Chevy Sonic Base Model The standard model LS for the 2016 Chevrolet Sonic for Sale near Mankato features

  • Optometric Assistant Case Study

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    I am writing to you today because I am interested in your Optometric Assistant position at the Mankato office of Carlson Tillisch Eye Clinic. This position was brought to my attention by a current employee of yours, Rob Abrahamsen, and immediately interested me. Upon further research, the pride and care that your company promotes for its patients is something that I find very important and would enjoy the opportunity to be a part of. A caring, enthusiastic team provides a quality work environment

  • Essay For Graduate Assistantship

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    I am writing to express my interest in the Graduate Assistantship position with CSET Advising Center at Minnesota State, Mankato. I recognize and value the importance that a graduate assistantship has, in terms of the educational and professional benefits. It is my hope that, as a graduate student to take this role of graduate assistant for both personal as well as professional experience. The job description suggests that the position requires an individual with high levels of maturity and responsibility

  • The Career Of Being A Fashion Designer

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      FASHION DESIGNER THE CAREER OF BEING A FASHION DESIGNER TRINITY ELISHIA MCKOY JANUARY 9 , 2015 SUBMITTED TO MR.KEVIN NELSON EIGHTH GRADE HOUSE COATS-ERWIN MIDDLE SCHOOL NORTH CAROLINA -COMMON CORE OBJ(S)8.W.1& 8.W.5 Trinity Elishia McKoy 8th Grade Eng/Language Arts Mr.Kevin L. Nelson January 9 ,2015 The career of being a Fashion Designer ? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fashion designer? Hopefully this will help you. The question is

  • Major Greek Gods and Goddesses Essay

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    Unlike religious gods today, the Greek gods resembled human being in their form and their emotions, and suffered from the same dilemmas humans throughout time have faced. The Greeks believe in many gods and think they are very much like people. They have both supernatural powers and human weaknesses. The gods would fight, play on each other, gets angry or jealous, and steal from each other. The Olympian Gods live atop Mt. Olympus in Greece behind a gate of clouds. They watch the mortals down