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  • How Many People Celebrate Thanksgiving

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    Over 354 million people celebrate Thanksgiving. Just to think its all started as a feast between two very different types of people. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in between the The England Colonists called the Pilgrims and a Wampanoag Indian tribe. The Pilgrims celebrated thanksgiving as a day of prayer not a feast. The holiday is connected from the feast held in Autumn 1621 which was the Pilgrims first successful harvest. The Pilgrims came from England to expand territory. When they got

  • This Case Caused Many People To See That The Separation

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    This case caused many people to see that the separation did not help the children 's education, it also didn 't help the racism going on at the time. In the 1950’s there were schools where only the colored children went and schools where only white children were aloud many African American kids would have to walk miles and miles to get to there school, African American parents worried about their children getting to school safely. December 9, 1952 both sides had argued their point Brown 's lawyers

  • Canada Is A Country Of Many Peoples That Have Come Together

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    Canada is a country of many peoples that have come together. Throughout Canada’s history there has been discrimination of several races. However, the aboriginal people of Canada have faced particular discrimination considering that they have been treated poorly and against their will, especially considering that they were the original people of the land who welcomed those from across the seas. Aboriginal people, in particular, are facing injustice concerning their privileges, accessibility, and equality

  • Many People Think Racial Profiling Is A Recent Problem

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    Many people think racial profiling is a recent problem that occurred in the 80s as the news about African Americans being pulled over for “driving while black” made national headlines. “Racial Profiling,” however, has endured for decades in black communities via discriminatory conduct from Police Department personnel to the criminal justice system. Unfair practices that date back to the 1700s in the United States for people of African descent. Racial profiling is racism and stereotypes by police

  • It 's Not That Many People

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    “It’s not that many people... right?” I asked myself. Even the idea of taking a group of 19 people of varying ages and abilities on a ski trip was madness. But for me it was becoming reality (again!). We had tried this before in 2012 and a great time was had by all. I had particularly enjoyed that trip, as being an only child, I am usually on holiday alone with my parents, so to have the chance to ski with a group my age filled me with excitement and anticipation of fun times! I was ready for action

  • Most People Watch T.V. As A Pastime, However, Many Do Not

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    Most people watch T.V. as a pastime, however, many do not realize that there are several covert messages in the television programs that are watched. These messages are not necessarily bad; however, they are still present. Three programs were watched and viewed for their content. The three shows include Monk, Scandal, and Blackish; an older show that is no longer on air, and two current shows. As we have learned in class, the media tells us what is in. I think that there are many shows that render

  • Explain Why Did Hitler Persecute So Many People

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    Why did Hitler persecute so many people? What did he do and who all did he persecute? During the Holocaust, Hitler persecuted not only the Jews, but many other groups too. He viewed all these people as “racially inferior,” and wanted to rid the population of them (“Genocide of European Roma (Gypsies) 1939-1945”). The Nazis went to extremes to persecute many people including Roma, handicap/mentally ill, and many other minorities. To begin, Roma (Gypsies) were targeted and persecuted by the Nazis.

  • Malcolm X : A Man Not Many People Truly Know About

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    individual known as Malcolm X was a man not many people truly know about. Malcolm’s enthusiasm in helping blacks really understand the world they live in and their credence in their society should at the least be welcomed so a correlation can be established and the world can focus on more pressing issues other than race. He was an angry, potent activist and motivated extremist for all the right reasons. In his life he had to overcome many obstacles and triumph over many predicaments that threatened him mentally

  • Amish People, Many Cows, And Many Animals

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    Small Town USA Wakarusa, Indiana where there are many Amish people, many cows, and many cornfields. This town was previously known as Salem, Indiana. and was a stop for people traveling between Elkhart and Goshen to conduct business. Today, Wakarusa is a thriving farming economy and has two-grain mills. Do not forget the bread! Any big shopping centers or grocery stores are located around 45 minutes away. This town is a quaint, tight-knit community, cute, with a nostalgic feel. While walking down

  • Graffiti : Vandalism By Many People

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    Graffiti has been called vandalism by many people. If cities around the world, converted old abandon buildings and warehouses into places where art can bloom, this would change the world and would/could decrease or even stop illegal public defacement of property. Graffiti may be seen as vandalism, but graffiti has many positive attributes associated with it as well. Having abandoned buildings and warehouses in cities are a major burden and problem. Cities should help me turn abandoned buildings around