Marais des Cygnes River

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  • Essay On Lead Ore

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    [blank] Isd. in the middle of the river, passd a run [2] on the Ld S: above a pt. of rocks 3 ms. on which thir is a number of Deer Licks, N 88° W. 3 Ms. to a pt L S: N. 83° W 2 ms. to the Mo of Mine River, [3] psd an Isd.— This river is 90 yards wide & navagable for Perogues about 90 Ms. I went out on the L S. about 4 ms. below this R. and found the Countrey for one mile back good Land and well watered the hills not high with a gentle assent from the river, well timbered with oake, walnit

  • The Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo

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    November 10th, 1845: $25 million offer to Mexico for the Rio Grande River May 13th, 1846: Break out of war September 20th, 1846: United States’ victory of the Battle of Monterrey December 1846: Santa Anna becomes president in Mexico February 23rd, 1847: United States wins the Battle of Buena Vista April 1847: The United States wins the Battle og Cerro Gordo August 1847: Mexico city is captured February 2nd, 1848: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed February 1848: Mexican territories ceded

  • Why Did Judge Hall Choose John Jameson for Celia’s Defense? Essay

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    Why did Judge Hall choose John Jameson for Celia’s defense? Given the impact of the slavery issue upon Missouri’s politics at the time, the Judge Hall hoped for the trail to be conducted as expeditiously and decorously as possible, in a manner that ran the least risk of arousing the ire of either camp. Judge Hall needed a capable attorney, one of considerable standing in the community. He needed an attorney with proven political sensibilities, one who had not participated significantly in the slavery