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  • Personal Narrative: Running The Towpath Full Marathon

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    Running a marathon at only 17 years old taught me that the strongest supplements a person needs are determination and motivation. The largest development of mindset and the confirmation of my future career came from when I chose to vicariously run 26.2 miles for the person who inspires me the most; my mother. When I was younger, my mother ran the Chicago Marathon twice. After her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2013, she still continued to attempt to run and walk despite her immense pain. She

  • The Battle Of Marathon And Salamis

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    Nico Poalillo 9/11/14 The Battle of Marathon and The Battle of Salamis The Battles of Marathon and Salamis each play an extremely important in early Greek History for many reasons. They were not only battles in which the Greeks showed their military prowess, but they were both battles which if lost, the future of Greece would most likely have been changed forever. On this day, September 11th in the year 490 BC, off of the Eastern Coast of Greece, a fleet of ships was amassing in the distance headed

  • The Battle of Marathon Essays

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    The Battle of Marathon One of the most significant battles in antiquity was fought on the narrow, tree strewn plain of Marathon, in September, 490 BC. There, the Athenian army defeated a Persian force more than twice its size, because of superior leadership, training and equipment. The battle of Marathon has provided inspiration to the underdogs throughout history. In 490 BC, the Athenians proved that superior strategy, and technology can claim victory over massive numbers. In 646 BC the

  • The Day After The Boston Marathon Attack

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    After the Boston marathon attack in 2013, there was people who were very mournful of what had happened, and who were very fearful of what was to come. Media at the time were being very desolate and grieving those who had died. Stephen Colbert, the host of The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, decided to take a different approach. In the introduction to his show the day after the attack, he addresses what had happened to ease the minds of his audience in an ironic humorous way. He was very serious

  • Marathon County Highway Department: A Case Study

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    collegial friendship is required. Someone who is able to perfect this balance every day is Mr. Koppa Koppa, Equipment and Facilities Supervisor at the Marathon County Highway Department. Mr. Koppa has been working at the Marathon County Highway Department for over 40 years. He began his employment as a shop worker soon after his graduation from Marathon High School in 1975. Although he was never formally enrolled at an institution of higher learning, he took various night classes that aided in his understanding

  • "Battle of Marathon" This essay talks about the great Battle of Marathon during the Persian Wars in ancient Greece 490 BCE

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    In 490 B.C.E. the Battle of Marathon was a brief but important event in the war between the Greek city-states and The Persian Empire. The results of the battle had unforeseen effects on Athens and the future of Western Civilization. The Greek 'Golden Age', centred in Athens, brought about new forms of art, the foundations of future philosophy and redirected literature and drama. The achievements of the Athenians during this period were directly connected to the inspiration and prestige (which later

  • Why Do Nutrition Be A Marathoner Essay

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    know, the day I thought of pursuing running, I registered straight for full marathon (42km) . Not boosting myself, fact was there was no other slot

  • Surveillance Is A Breach Of Privacy

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    Surveillance is often a violation of privacy, most people don’t realise to what extent they are being watched. Some people believe surveillance is a breach of their own privacy rules. The purpose of surveillance is to influence, manage and protect societies through monitoring people’s behaviors and movements. There has been a new application developed for surveillance known as crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing was coined by Jeff Howe as “when a company takes a job which was once performed by employees

  • Persuasive Essay On Security

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    catastrophe, like the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, happens. During the bombing, three people died and more than 260 were injured (Barlow 1). Recently, in Las Vegas, an elevated shooter fired down on music festival goers. He killed 58 people and injuring hundreds (Hudgins 2). Security at major events should be tightened because citizens would feel safer, it would prevent many deaths and injuries, and it could make terrorists think twice before attending. Since the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, security

  • Essay on Running and Over Training

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    in hopes of answering this question Marathon runners take a strict and balanced level of training to build the body to an appropriate level of strength and endurance. If the athlete over-trains for a marathon, he or she may be doing more harm than good. meaning they may peak too early. the athlete is overall setting his or her body up for injury. The body requires rest and