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  • Essay On Marching And Marching Band

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    12. Skateboarding and marching band might not seem very similar with alike characteristics, but you would be surprised how I train for both of them very similarly. When I go to the skatepark I always am there for over three hours at a time. This means that I have good breath control. If a random person tried skating for three hours they would be passed out on the ground because they would run out of breath. That is the same thing for marching band. In marching band I will be running across the field

  • Marching Band Reflection

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    high school drama movie, the marching band is depicted as dull and its students are often characterized as outcasts. Being a naive middle schooler who has seen several of these types of movies, I believed every word of it for the longest time. Despite this stigma I had, I still joined our school’s marching band program, and every opinion I had built up about marching band completely changed within a single year. I now know that the decision I made to join marching band completely changed how I would

  • Marching Band Observation

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    school and junior high marching band. Included in this role, I not only conducted the band, but I energetically gave constructive criticism, provided encouragement, and listened to my fellow band members’ opinions. Relating to John Quincy Adams’ quote, I implemented goals regarding to success for individual band members and the band as a whole, essentially supporting my members to “dream more” and to see the bigger picture. Junior high members who joined our band this marching season were granted the

  • The Purpose Of The Marching Band

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    truly thought of the purpose of the marching band? For most people, the marching band at the football games is just there for "decoration." Everyone thinks the band is only there to entertain the fans, but in reality, they are doing so much more. Yes, they are there for entertainment, but the marching band is one of the biggest support systems the team has. For some members of the team, they cannot play well without hearing the band. In high school, the marching band attended every football game, so

  • Marching Band Essay

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    Square your shoulders! Keep the tempo moving!” This can be heard by directors, in most marching band rehearsals, as the band is racing around the field while playing mentally demanding music. Competitive marching band, the highlight of some high schoolers’ fall season, is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a group of musicians who play instruments while marching together at a parade or sports event” (“Marching Band”). In comparison a sport is defined as “a contest or game in which people do certain physical

  • The Benefits Of Marching Band

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    The Benefits of Marching Band Ebony K. Lawton Dr. Cloud Foundations for Success Brenau University  The Benefits of Marching Band “Hut one, hut two, hike!” from the football team, “Go Panthers, go!” exclaim the cheerleaders and “To be, or not to be…” from the drama club. Walking through a high school on different days of the week one can hear students practicing and the students can be found all over the campus in various extra-curricular activities. Then a whistle sounds, a drum major loudly commands

  • Importance Of Marching Band

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    What do you think of when you hear “marching band?” Something along the lines of nerd, geek, unpopular, awkward, etc. Why is that so? Movies and TV shows portray students in the marching band as nerds that are socially awkward and are only focused on grades. Marching band is challenging, more so than people think it is. Marching band is often portrayed incorrectly on TV shows and in movies; they are not what most people think they are. Marching band requires dedication, determination, skill, and

  • Marching Band Concepts

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    Concepts: • Marching bands play at high schools, colleges, parades, football games, service (army). • Marching band is a group of people play instrumental while marching. • Marching band is a group of people. Learning outcome: At the end of this activity the children will be familiarized with the types of instruments a marching band plays and the places we can find a marching band play such as in a parade. Expectations: Students will have some awareness of what a marching band is, how

  • Marching Band Position

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    This past semester I was chosen to be the Drum Major of the marching band. Drum Major is the highest student position possible, and it is the position that requires the most responsibility and commitment. This was my biggest challenge, and I took the opportunity to not only gain more leadership experience, but also to lead the marching band to another successful competition season. The Drum Major is similar to the conductor of a band that guides a large group of students through a judged performance

  • Preparation For A Marching Band

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    The sport/activity that I have chosen to talk about is marching band. Technically, this would be my second year doing it but I am looking forward to doing marching band and jazz band later in high school. So, I have chosen this activity to talk about because it's actually really fun and entertaining. Many people would watch you, maybe, play one of their favorite songs while walking down the streets of their hometown. Yea, it could get dark in that town, but it's better to be doing it, than to not