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  • Summary Of My Poem By Billy Lucy

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    My poem tells the tale of my character, Lucy, and how she is off to fight a war in place of her younger brother, Luis. She has an immense love for her younger brothers, but they are all of fighting age and they have all been selected for the draft. Lucy has a choice, as stated in one of the lines. ‘To save one or save none.’ Of course, she cannot prevent all of her brothers from going into the war, so she takes the spot of Luis because he has created a life for himself already. Despite her Father’s

  • The Red Convertible

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    Emotional connections between two people can be fortified with an object in which both people can care for and share with one another. In the story “The Red Convertible” by Louise Erdrich, Lyman and Henry have a special bond. This bond is emphasized in the red convertible because it symbolizes the connection that both brothers have with one another. After Henry goes off to war Lyman takes care of the car. Lyman cares for the car as if he were trying to preserve the bond that he and Henry had. Furthermore

  • How Diazo Changed My Life

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    all gone. A horse that I shared with my sisters for 8 years was taken from me without enough time to say a proper goodbye. Diazo was a huge part of my life; everyday I looked forward to riding him and my mare Stella. Even though it hit me like a train selling him; it grew me closer with my mare and made me grow as a rider and individual. The year was 2014 and my parents were separating. It was hard on me, but didn't seem to affect me until 2015. In the summer of 2015 both of my parents became alcoholics;

  • butler model

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    Field Report: Does Weston -Super- Mare fit the Butler Model? Figure 11 Weston-super-Mare is a popular seaside resort town located in the county of Somerset, England on the Bristol Channel coast. It is the largest settlement in the North West. Weston-super- Mare has a population of 69,696 People living in households and 2,062 people living in communal establishments; 71, 758 in total.2 Due to the development of the railway between local towns and cities it became a popular seaside

  • Essay Italian Ceramics: Vietri Tableware

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    the usual touristic mass produce. Luckily, there are a lot of beautiful pieces waiting for those who are looking for them. But if you are a collector, a ceramics aficionado, or just love something authentic and fun on your table – go to Vietri Sul Mare. And yes – that will be a small story to tell your guests back home, not just a lovely handmade