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  • The Romsnovs: The Final Chapter

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    In the biography,The Romanovs: The Final Chapter, Robert K. Massie delves on what might have truly happened to the Romanov family. A large portion of the book goes into extensive detail on the uncovering of the grave and authentication of bones belonging to the Romanovs. Another large section is dedicated to discrediting many impostors that arose in the time after their deaths such as solving the mystery of Anna Anderson, a woman who claimed to be the missing Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevna.

  • Anastasia Essay

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         Anastasia       Anastasia, Grand Duchess of Russia, was a very mischievous little girl with a sharp sense of humor (McGuire 18). She was always described as having long fine fingers and baby blue eyes. As she grew older, her personality changed drastically because of her dramatic childhood. Her eyes and fingers remained the same but her wonderful personality had disappeared (Klier and Mingay 193). The daughter of Czar Nicholas II, Anastasia

  • The Importance Of Art In West Side Story

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    inspired Americans to live their best life and strive for success. The musical West Side Story is a tragic romance story that follows two gangs in New York. One of the Jets members, Tony, falls in love with the leader of the Sharks younger sister, Maria. This is such a big controversy because the Jets and Sharks are rivals. The Jets hate the Sharks because they are Puerto Rican. This displays the racism and social climate in America during the 60’s, when this musical came out. Inmigrantes where thought

  • The Role Of Sexuality In African American Literature

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    today’s culture; many states are fine-tuning abortion, rape, and gender-identification laws as I write this. I also saw much attention being paid to this topic in two of the novels we read this semester: Mary Wollstonecraft’s The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria, and Mary Robinson’s The Natural Daughter. However, I found the relationship between female sexuality and its relation to the concepts of sensibility or rationality

  • Analysis Of The Story West Side Story

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    responsible? West Side Story is a story that was transitioned from a play to a movie. This play was a readaptation of the playwright by William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. In West Side Story story, there are two many characters they are Tony and Maria. Both plays show the cause and effect of the unnecessary feud between two groups of people, which in return are given death. These two star-crossed lovers come from completely opposite sides of a feud. This feud separates the two lovers, making it

  • Prejudices in "The West Side Story" by Arthur Laurents Essay

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    Bernardo thinks he knows what’s best for his little sister and believes that she, Maria, should listen to everything he tells her to do. Bernardo freaks out because Maria was dancing with one of the Jets, Anita sticks up for her while she is gone, “So why doesn’t he write a book about America? None of you is so smart. In this country girls have as much right as boys to have

  • The West Side Story Musical Analysis

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    The musical, the west side story, is by Arthur Laurents. This musical was inspired by William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. Some of the songs in this musical are Jet Song, Something's coming, and A Dance at the Gym. This story is set in an Upper West Side neighborhood in New York city. It was also set in the mid 1950s. This musical is about two teenage gangs. One of the gangs is a white American gang, the jets, led by Riff and the other gang is a Puerto Rican gang, the sharks, led by Bernardo

  • Maria Edgeworth's The Bracelet Sparknotes

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    In 1796 Maria Edgeworth published a series of short stories in a book entitled, The Parent Assistant where she strives to provide tales to educate eighteenth century British children and their parents. Edgeworth was a firm believer in the rational education of children and focused on rational thinking, and the equal education opportunity for women. In three of the stories within this set, she focuses on a female character. In “The Birthday Present,” “Simple Susan,” and “The Bracelet,” Edgeworth has

  • Analysis the Tonight Ensemble from West Side Story

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    Story No 10: Tonight (Ensemble) Maria, Tony, Anita, Riff, Bernardo, Jets and Sharks In this number, all the participants talk about the eventful evening they feel is ahead, each with their own thoughts on what will happen. There are three trains of thought: 1 Riff and Bernardo - thinking (in terms of their own gangs) of the fight arranged for later that evening 2 Anita - thinking about her 'nocturnal activities' with Bernardo after the fight 3 Tony and Maria - more romantic love, idealised,

  • Theme Of Racism In West Side Story

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    When I think of West Side Story, I think of the modern American version of Romeo and Juliet, the Jets (American gang) and Sharks (Puerto Rican gang), the amazing musical numbers, dance breaks, and let’s not forget all the snapping. I never thought of the injustice and racism that happens through song and characters actions in the movie. After recently watching it, I started to realize how these terrible things are actually still happening to this day. This movie has started to teach me how to recognize