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  • History Of Globalization And Globalization Of The Chamorro Language

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    communication, all known human groups possess language” (Gumperz 1968). Chamorro is an Austronesian language spoken by about fifty-thousand people, in the Marina Islands. It is the language of Micronesia with the largest number of speakers and one of Micronesia’s two most endangered languages. The Chamorro language is spoken in the Marina Islands and by many Chamorro’s in the western states of the United States and has been a powerful symbol of cultural identity for more than three hundred years. In my

  • Sociological Imagination And Social Imagination

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    As cliché as it sounds, Dr. Seuss was right. “There is no one alive that is youer than you.” From a sociological persepective, this is also “truer than true”. As individuals we are cultured and moleded by our society from the moment we are born. Every society, although there may be similiarities, will also have many differences due to the influence of its history and individuals. The history and individuals, are also in turn, influenced by its society. That is why it is important in the furthering

  • James Cameron Island: What Is The Mariana Trench?

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    deepest part of the Mariana Trench. But what is the Mariana Trench? The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean. It reaches about 10,902 meters below the surface. But what lives in the deepest part of the ocean? Well what I found in my research is that there are quite a few different species that can survive in this much pressure. To find all these questions James Cameron sent a search party to see what life is found in the Mariana Trench. The trench is located near the island of Guam in the

  • Microbiology from the Mariana Trench

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    recent diving trip to the Mariana Trench, The Unmanned Submarine ‘Aishiteru’ collected several water samples that were highly concentrated with unknown microbial communities. Therefore our team need to figure out how the water samples should be transported to the nearest advanced microbiology laboratory to be analyzed. The microbes have to be survived during the long journey. The Mariana Trench is located in the Pacific Ocean which is east of the 14 Mariana Islands. The Mariana Trench has an 11”21’ North

  • Persuasive Essay On Oceans

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    yellowstone. Dr. Sylvia asks why the oceans do not have their own Parks. In the ocean there are millions of species. (that we know of) When we look at how much of the world is ocean and how little we have explored the oceans, it's saddening. Take the Mariana Trench for example. Only two people have ever been to the bottom even tho it is only seven miles to the bottom. Dr. Sylvia campaigns for more spending to be put into preserving the oceans and exploration. Not only for the benefit of the oceans but

  • The Deep Oceanic Trenches Near Thermal Vents

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    Objective: How to find evidence of life in deep oceanic trenches near thermal vents Introduction: Deep ocean trenches are environments that have historically been shrouded in mystery, their inaccessibility rendering such limited explorations as net dragging and dredging for samples (Lee, 2012). While potential for chemosynthesis had been proposed as long ago as 1890, it was nearly a century later before such systems were demonstrated to be active on the ocean floor (German, 2011). Further investigation

  • Ocean Pollution

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    As I look out at the beautiful ocean, the silky sand and gorgeous seashells lay underneath my feet. The blue waves crashing down onto the shore. The ocean is truly a beautiful sight to see. However, we are slowly ruining this beautiful thing because of the way we treat this planet, the ocean is extremely polluted and marine life is paying for it. A few of the ways mankind is damaging marine life is by heavy oil pollution, and exposing marine life to dangerous chemicals. One way our oceans are polluted

  • Examples of Japanese Military Strategy Essay examples

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    On April 22, Mac Arthur surprised the Japanese by attacking hollandia and taking the village of Aitape. Nearly all-Japanese air power was destroyed and their eighteenth army was forced to retreat into the jungle. Battle for the Island of Biak ( May 27 1944 – July 29 1944 ) This battle was a turning point in Japanese military Strategy. The Japanese practice is to meet the invaders beachhead, and if unsuccessful, they proceed to launch suicidal Banzai charges at the enemy’s position

  • Life Of Extreme Conditions : Planet Earth

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    Life in Extreme Conditions Planet Earth plays host to a myriad of exotic ecosystems and environments, both natural and artificial, from the deepest hyper-saline lake of the Dead Sea to the hydrothermal vents along mid-ocean ridges in the Pacific and even the nuclear radiated wastelands of Chernobyl. In these extreme environment where humans generally can’t live or would die there, organisms known as extremophiles flaunts life’s ability to exist inside the harshest of environments. In mankind’s

  • GEPlateTectonicsAnswers

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    Adapted from an activity by Laurel Goodell February 2013 Introduction to Plate Tectonics via Google Earth (24 pts) B. Topographic Patterns Uncheck all of the layers and focus on topographic features of the earth. Topography of the earth ABOVE sea level Questions Answers 1. Are mountains randomly distributed on the continents, or do they tend to occur in particular patterns (clusters, linear chains, arcs, etc.)? Some appear in lines and others in arcs 1pt 2. Find Mt. Everest, the highest point