Marine Le Pen

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  • How The French Presidential Elections Will Affect The Entire World

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    centre right, making Le pen garner less votes, suggesting the first round’s outcome is an indication of what the ending bias will likely be. Will a new president be the end of old politics in France? Just over a month after the new president will be elected, she/he will start building their coalition in the Assembly Nationale. “It will be a real challenge for both,” says Callanan as “a new party has never gained a majority.” He paused. “But Macron has a better chance than Le Pen.” One important issue

  • The Political Parties Of The National Front

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    As of 2015, the rise of right-wing populist ideology in E.U. Member states has shown that a rapidly increasing political movement is developing. Increased skepticism of the European Union’s integration of nation-states on a social, economic and political level, along with the recent European Refugee Crisis, has contributed to the momentum right-wing populist parties are gaining across Western Europe. This paper will examine the political parties of the National Front in France, along with the Party

  • Advantages Of Populism

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    Populism comes from the Latin Word for ‘people', populus and it means caring about the concerns and supporting the rights of people. The word's meaning and usage have changed over the years. It has become an effective strategy for politicians to introduce themselves to the public and sometimes a way of deceiving them. It should be kept in mind that populism doesn't represent a certain ideology. Populism can seem as a beneficial strategy on short-term but it damages society's values and it can cause

  • Analysis Of John Orwell 's ' Pig Tales '

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    he had won in the election. Marchepiede is also portrayed as a religious and conservative lunatic and is criticized subtly in this novel. My paper focuses on Le Pen’s political proposals as they are reflected by fictional characters in the novel and implicitly criticized by the narrative voice of the heroine implicitly. Jean-Marie Le Pen is obsessed with the national identity of France. He used to claim that his political position was neither left nor right, but French. He promotes the identity

  • The National Front Analysis

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    (FN), founded in 1972 by Jean-Marie Le Pen and some of his far right acquaintances who were outraged at the declining power of France within Europe and around the globe. Le Pen made the FN a tight focused organization. He focused the FN mainly on anti-immigration issues as well as re-establishing a sense of law and order. The routine failure of the traditional political parties in tackling the economic and immigration issues of France led to the rise of the FN. Le Pen’s anti-elitist message, however

  • Le Pen: Christian Symbols

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    National Front leader Marine Le Pen has promised to ban Christian symbols and all types of religious clothing as part of an attempt to combat radical Islam. On Sunday, Le Pen said Jews and Christians would need to accept the ban on religious symbols and clothing to “fight the advance of political Islam.” She acknowledged that it would entail sacrifice, but the National Front leader insisted that it is needed because of the gravity of their present situation, Christian Today relays. Le Pen’s comments came

  • Order Nouveau French Revolution

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    Similar to the development of many other far-right political parties, the basic ideas behind the creation of the National Front stemmed from the post World War II era. The post-industrial period presented an opportune time frame for extremist ideology to evolve, given the uncertain future of European society at that point in history. During the 1960s, a far-right social movement by the name of Order Nouveau gained popularity as one of the only movements able to present a clear challenge to mainstream

  • Globalization Manipulation

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    Globalization Through the Manipulation of Nationalism In a recent speech in Washington, President Donald Trump stated, “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism,”. Mr. Trump has sworn to put America first. What does this mean for the rest of the world? Is globalization a defective idea? While globalization does have some cons, there is no denying that it has had commendable effects in many present day nations and metropolitan areas. Although it would be

  • Bundestag Essay

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    German citizens voted to elected members of the nineteenth Bundestag. The significance of this heavily anticipated election revolved around the question as to whether or not Germany would follow the trend started by President Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen and the rightward-shift on the political spectrum. To no surprise, the AfD (Alternative for Germany) which core principles revolves around nationalism and tough immigration policies returned to the Bundestag for the first time since the World War

  • Themes In Gathering Blue By Lois Lowry

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    The book Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry is about an orphaned and disabled girl, Kira, and her adventure through a corrupt dystopian society. One of the main themes in this book is power and the corruption it entitles. The Guardians have complete power over what the villagers do, how they live, and where they live. Another article that reveals the same truth is titled “Political Corruption in France is Common”, written by Reuters international news. This article tells about the many types of corruption