Market–Frankford Line

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    wake up every morning to catch the Septa bus, so it can take me to the train station. I have to get up early, so I can arrive to class on time. To get to Temple University, I have to take two trains to get there which is the Market-Frankford Line and the Broad Street Line. I travel to the suburbs to the city every week and sometimes the weekend as well. Then, I have to travel back home, when I'm done with school or hanging out with friends on campus. I travel back and forth every day, which is a

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    strengthen my abilities of professionalism. With the training, I’ve acquired you will get a grasp of how I got the information that I have applied to real-life situations and have developed consequently thereof. In 1985, when I began my career with Acme Markets Inc., I set forth with fresh eyes where I could be molded because this was my first place of employment. My first position held was as a bagger at the retail store, and moving on to cashier within a few weeks, this was my customer service experiential

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