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  • The Marvel Of Marvel 's Universe Of Film, Television, Comic Books And Other Sources Of Media

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    This paper will explore in detail how Marvel’s superhero films work as a part of Marvel’s transmedia universe of film, television, comic books and other sources of media. Briefly touching on what transmedia storytelling is and a brief history of to how Marvel has become what it is today. Firstly, transmedia storytelling “refers to a new aesthetic that has emerged in response to media convergence - one that places new demands on consumers and depends on the active participation of knowledge communities”

  • Marvel Diagnostic Universe

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    Marvel fans have been enjoying a Netflix treat over the weekend. As Luke Cage indulges viewers for their binge-watching pleasure. But this series is way more mature than the average Avengers platform. Spinning off from the original Jessica Jones, Cage takes you deeper to his origin story. Luke Cage’s signature yellow and Harlem references are not the only things that stand out. With a show that features sex, violence and a lot of swearing, viewers are quick to point out Obama’s name. And the political

  • Analysis Of Joss Whedon: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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    Joss Whedon may have been an important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since he directed the post-credits scene in Thor and worked on The Avengers. However, the Firefly director has just admitted that he will no longer be doing any Marvel films after Age of Ultron! During a recent interview with the Oxford Union, Whedon was asked whether he will be working on MCU's Phase 3 films. His response surprised Marvel fans. "No. You know I was their sort of Consigliere for a while ... We do not discuss

  • Creative Writing: Revolting

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    The man she watches controls the reality. Controls the very threads of existence, weaves his way through to create something bigger than him. It's sickening, really. Revolting is a better word for it. For some reason she keeps watching him, though. He has small habits that are hard for the eye to see, like subconsciously rubbing the Eye of Agamoto when he is nervous (Or if. The man was hardly nervous), or running his hands through his thick ebony hair. She did notice, however, that his hair is not

  • Marvel's 'What If?'

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    Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has tackled a lot of famous Marvel storylines and this week the show tried something very bold. Marvel comic’s “What If?” series takes famous stories and characters and asked the question of “What if instead of this happening, this happened instead?”. Instead of tackling famous questions like, “What if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four?” or “What if Captain America hasn’t vanished during World War 2?”, Agents of SHIELD asks, “What if the world was taken over by Hydra

  • Coca Col A Soft Drink Invented By John Pemberton

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    in their products. For example, Marvel became mainstream thanks to their cinematic universe movies. Their movies became so successful that companies like Coke would ask to use their intellectual property in their ads. Coca-Cola is a soft drink invented by John Pemberton on January 29, 1892. Before Pemberton died, the drink didn’t reach any success because it was not marketed

  • History Of Black Synnokology : Black Widow : Mythology

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    Philicia London Ms.Reider English 12 cp 6-1-2017 Black Widow Mythology Natasha Romanoff was born circa 1928. During WW II Nazi attacked her hometown and the building she was in was set on fire. Her Mother quickly tossed her into the arms of a Russian soldier. His name was Ivan Petrovitch and he soon became the caretaker of Natasha. After that her mother was consumed by the flames. Ivan brought Natasha under his care and soon had to protect her from

  • Marvel Enterprises Inc Essay

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    ENTERNTAINMENT MARKETING CASE MARVEL ENTERPRISES INC ABISHEK BHASIN 2091775562 Marvel Enterprises, Inc. is an industry-leading firm whose core business is character-based entertainment. Marvel’s foundation and success is built on their proprietary library of over 4,700 characters featured in a variety of media for nearly seventy years (1939-2004). Marvel utilizes its character franchises in licensing agreements, and publishing of comic books through the division of Marvel Comics. Marvel's strategy

  • Heroic Heros

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    Most of the heroes in the superhero universe can be broken down into three groups. Marvel and DC Comics are the main contributors to this superhero fandom. These two companies even contributed the term superhero. Neither company owns it, they just share it. Many of the interesting heroes/ heroines have brain powers, body powers, and some are even powerless. This class is the mind boggling brainiac’s. Not because they are smart, but because they have brain powers. Brain powers include telekinesis

  • Hero In Beowulf

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    makes a hero. Being determined to get a job done, having the courage to step in and complete that job, and having enough respect for your people to still obey their wishes despite your apparent fame. The hero I will be writing about is the fictional Marvel Comics character known as the Black Panther (real name T’Challa). He and Beowulf