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  • Masculine Identity

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    Alison McNeil Kettering discusses masculine identity portrayed in Dutch portraiture during the seventeenth century as an identity that was not set in stone but instead malleable. She begins by explaining that his character and his accomplishments valued a man, and not fancy outward appearances, and that codes and conventions for representing masculinity required an image of dignity, self-control, and professional identity. Artists took great care to create the appropriate imagery to portray such

  • Masculine Space Essay

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    of South University between S. Forest Ave and Church St. is very clearly a masculine space. I walk this block of South University multiple times a day and have started to understand how a simple block of a street has become a man’s sphere. With careful examination of this block, Foucault’s concept of visibility and issues that Valentine discusses can assist in displaying how South University has turned into a masculine space. South University is an avenue that many students and Ann Arbor citizens

  • The Importance Of Masculine Vulnerabilities

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    regardless of religion gives boys an inner strength. Though these are generalities and teachings may be interchangeable, most teachings are administered from parents, family, friends, peers, idols, and heroes. I want to now share many of my life's Masculine Vulnerabilities. In elementary school, boys hung with the boys and girls did whatever they did with girls. We acted silly in class to get a laugh, talked loudly and generally didn't pay attention to the teacher. Back in the day, the teacher

  • Examples Of Feminine And Masculine Characteristics

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    2.4 Feminine and Masculine Characteristics According to Horney femininity has “some secret relationship with masochism” (Horney,110). Horney has elaborated Freud's assumption and generalized it in calling masochism the elemental power in feminine mental life.( He contends that what woman ultimately wants in intercourse is to be raped and violated; what she wants in mental life

  • Evolution Of A Physically Masculine David

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    Evolution of a Physically Masculine David Throughout the ages art has played an important part in shaping societies and the ideals of them as a whole. But what you may not of realized or thought about is that powerful art pieces and the context of them can actually create an image of strength and act as a deterrent from outside countries and foes. Looking back on the high Renaissance in Florence, a time in which religious devotion was the central focus of the people and unrest and civil disorder

  • Analysis Of The Masculine Friend In The Elizabethan Society

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    image of the Masculine Friend, which was a prosperous candidate for these swelling power relationships, is a well-known bond perceived during the Elizabethan era. In Homosexuality and the Signs of Male Friendship in Elizabethan England, Bray comments on the idea of the ‘Masculine Friend’ versus the homosexual or sodomite. “The image of the masculine friend was an image of intimacy between men in stark contrast to the forbidden intimacy of homosexuality” (Bray, 42). The Masculine friend, in its

  • The Great Masculine Renunciation Essay

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    The Great Masculine Renunciation At the end of the 18th century there was one of the most significant events in the history of dress. Men gave up their right to all the bright, more elaborate, and more varied forms of clothing. They left all that to the women. Men abandoned their claim to be considered beautiful. They, instead, aimed at being useful in society. Those who have studied the situation all agree that the causes for these changes were primarily of political and social nature.

  • Women's Masculine Identity For Fear Of Contempt

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    Regularly and routinely reinforcing one’s masculine identity for fear of contempt in the eyes of their peers is a driving force in how military masculinity maintains itself. Much in the same way that masculinity operates in the civilian world, masculinity requires continual verification to remain secure. These moments of reification could include moments of physical aggression, substance abuse, and other high risk behaviors. While much is made about the toxic culture of military hypermasculinity

  • Masculine Portrayals In The Roaring Girl And Tamburlaine

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    Toxic Masculine Portrayals in The Roaring Girl and Tamburlaine The portrayals of men in Renaissance literature and plays is wrought with various aspects of toxic masculinity. Masculinity in works such as Tamburlaine the Great or The Roaring Girl is shown in different ways and with varying degrees of spectacle. Tamburlaine displays his masculinity through hyper-violent acts and high degrees of spectacle, whereas characters such as Laxton and Dapper flaunt their masculinity in different, less violently

  • What Is Required To Be Considered Masculine Or Feminine?

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    What is required to be considered masculine or feminine? Is it based upon physical features? Or is it based upon the person’s personality? Unfortunately, in today's society gender is often associated with a person’s physical appearance. A man earns the label of being masculine through his substantial muscles, sharp look, extravagant attire and his remarkable height. Meanwhile a woman is labeled as feminine through her body language, make-up, physical features, social status, and exposing clothing