Mashantucket Pequot Tribe

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  • Pequot War Causes And Consequences

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    The Pequot War, its Origins, Events and its Consequences Hallie N. Wilson Bethel University The Pequot Tribe and the English The Pequots are a native tribe from South Eastern Connecticut. They traveled for hunting and gathering during spring and summer when it was warmer. During the Winter, they stayed cozied up in their villages. They first met the English in 1660 and the movement caused many problems between the two people. In fact, the first contact between the English and Pequot tribe

  • Essay on Foxwoods (gambling)

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    that the tribe had given the state of Connecticut $307 million since 1991 and since 1992, Foxwoods spent $319 million on goods and services.      All of the success the Pequots have experienced has occurred due to the signing of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) on October 17, 1988. This act permitted class III gaming establishments by American Indian Tribes. The Act stated that Tribal governments were the primary regulators on Indian Gaming but that the Tribes were required

  • Example Of And Influence Of A Non-English Language

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    Example of and influence of a non-English language (88) A language learning book at the library (41.347702, -72.029741) The library contains many informative books of all genres. According to the librarian I spoke to, there has been an increase in the popularity of the“learning a foreign language” literature. Multilingualism is on the rise in the United States due to the rapid increase in diversity of language and culture. The assistance of tutors and literature from the library can make the experience

  • Essay About Lim Goh Tong

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    The late Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong, 林梧桐 in Chinese, the founder of Genting Malaysia was born on 28 February 1918. He was an eminent Malaysian businessman who successfully transformed a wilderness hilltop to a marvellous tourist destination, the Genting Highlands. Lim Goh Tong, a brave man who was willing to take up the challenge to develop Genting Highlands into a world famous casino resorts. He had successfully made his mark in developing a casino in Asia. He was once the third richest

  • Pequot Gambling Research Paper

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    Enterprises on the Mashantucket Pequot Reservation In about the 1500s the Pequot and Mohegan people migrated down the Hudson River. () the Pequot and Mohegan people originally occupied the lands of today, from the Neshanic River eastward to the border of Rhode Island. () Though after smallpox spread through the reservation, the Mohegan’s and Pequot’s split into two different tribes, and the Pequot war broke out, the Pequot people lost about seventy-five percent of their population. () The Pequot people, “with

  • Native American Casino Gambling Essay

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    6 billion in 2005 to $28.5 in 2014 (NIGC, 2015). Many in society think Native Americans are getting rich and are in much better shape because of these casinos. Some studies even how tribes are in much better shape. The Great Smoky Mountains Study showed a $6,000 increase

  • The Case Of The Fbi Essay

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    Former Rep. George Miller (D-CA) was absolutely floored by Trump’s shameless testimony. He said, “In my 19 years here, I don’t know that I’ve heard more irresponsible testimony…” Miller was irritated that Trump suggested that he had “additional knowledge of the extent of organized crime beyond what the FBI, the IRS, the Treasury, and others have suggested (during the same hearing).” In addition, Miller responded, “You don’t know this; you suspect this perhaps…” Trump’s accusations were in complete

  • Native American Poverty

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    What many people do not realize is that about twenty-five percent of Native Americans are living in poverty (Rodgers 1). A majority of the poverty among Native Americans is due to the United States breaking treaties that promised funds for their tribes. When non-Native Americans first began migrating to North America, the Indians were slowly having their land stripped away from them, and being pushed to live on small, poorly kept reservations. As well as taking

  • Susan Cooper and Native Activism

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    they can provide proofs that those items were taken from them without their approval (63). This law requires that federally funded institutions must “inventory their collections and send reports of the inventories” to the tribal groups (63). When a tribe recognizes an item that belongs to them, they can request for the

  • Casino Development in Massachusetts Essay

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    For years the tribe pushed for the casino, lobbying state and local government on how the casino would have such a great impact on Connecticut. Seeing that there were huge profits to be made in casinos, four years later in 1996, only miles down the road, the Mohegan Tribal