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  • Triathlon Research Paper

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    us butchered chickens, and two cut vegetables into shapes that were necessary for our dishes, all of which was executed perfectly. After clean up, the final timer for sixty minutes started the count down and we all worked on our dishes. I peeled my potato, apple, pear, and orange, cutting them into the shape and sizes required for the dish. I fried the bacon I needed and completed my dressing for my salad before handing the burner off to someone else. Every cut was made with precision, I would constantly

  • Service Work Research Paper

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    In my opinion, service work is a beneficial attribute for today's society. Volunteering can range from helping out at a humane society to helping a neighbor mow their lawn. Through volunteering, you can meet new people and try new things. Volunteering helps a numerous amount of people, even if at first it doesn't seem like it. Also, Doing service work can influence others to go out and do some of their own volunteering. For my service project, I worked the Boo Bash. I knew about the Boo Bash before

  • Middle School Autobiography

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    In middle school, I was not popular. I was kind of an outcast. I hated the popular kids my whole life, yet always aspired to be one. I hung out with the girls who listened to k-pop, watched anime, and loved alternative music more than life. I had popular friends, but they only spoke to me, when their other friends were not around. I was typically a person who takes humiliation to heart, took way too many jokes seriously. Most of the time it was because they were black jokes, which I didn’t think

  • Carabas

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    A Taste of Italy Before this day in age, most people would eat at home. Traditionally, children would come home from school and parents would arrive from work. The table was set, and shortly after dinner was prepared. A nice hot meal would be prepared and the family would sit at the dinner table and start their meal. However, today the average family eats out at a restaurant about four times a week. Knowing that most people eat out quite often, there has to be a restaurant that people call their

  • The Importance Of Preparing Dinner At West Chester Grove

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    Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, biscuits, and a vegetable melody was what Phillip’s mother, Krista, had prepared her family for dinner. It was a meal that would have taken her all day if she had assembled it from scratch, But, thankfully, the whole process was streamlined given that she elected to use the house’s food hydrator and cooker instead of conventional methods. The automated process of preparing dinner had also freed up more time for her writing, which she definitely needed

  • Why Did She Die?: A Short Story

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    It was the day that she decided that cranberries would be the best thing for her. Or maybe the thing that caused the death of her? It was Thanksgiving and everyone started showing up around 2 P.M. with some pre made salads and things like that. The one that always showed up early and helped everyone, was late. She was different and only I noticed maybe because I loved her because of her sweetness and we connected. Her and her husband seemed to be arguing before I opened that door. Then she pretended

  • How Did Potato Affect The Potato

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    1. The potato greatly affected diets, agriculture, public health, and ecology in Europe and the Americas. Potatoes produced in the wild contain dangerous toxins such as solanine and tomatine. (Mann) In some locations, wild llamas would lick clay before eating a poisonous plant. (Mann) The poisons would adhere to the clay allowing animals to consume these plants without being harmed. (Mann) Humans began doing this too. The Andean Indians began preparing potatoes different ways. For example, they were

  • Potato Catalase Lab Report

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    student’s shoulders. Researching this experiment more provided them with the information of what the reactant enzyme was. The enzyme (a protein that functions as a catalyst to accelerate the rate of a chemical reaction) [book source] found in the potato when combined with the hydrogen peroxide was a catalase which breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen [first website source] creating the foamy substance used to determine the amount of catalase in a fruit or vegetable. This enzyme is

  • Foods That Influenced The World Essay

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    worldwide. In America today the potato is a facet of everyday life from the mashed potatoes we eat with our fast food chicken, to the potato that is a staple with pot roast, to everybody’s favorite McDonalds french fries.      The tomato is another plant that has acquired global prominence from humble origins. It originated with the Inca and migrated north to the Maya and the Aztecs, where the Spanish brought it to Europe, and like its cousin the potato, it is a member of the Nightshade

  • Why Is Potato Important In The 17th Century

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    The potato helped create this jump but caused people to be more dependent on the potato. Beginning in 1845, a potato fungus that began in Belgium, spread across Europe and had devastating effects in Ireland. The poorest farmers were the first to feel the effects. In hard-hit areas people were dying of starvation. Many tried to eat grass to ward off hunger. When potato crops failed farmers could no longer pay their rent. Scores of poor