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  • Mattes, Alpha Channels And Masks

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    In the below written essay I will explain the purpose of Mattes, Alpha channels and Masks. I will also explain how and why they are used. “Adobe After Effects” uses “mattes” as an “invisible” layer which can control the opacity of the image above the matte layer. If there is an image visible and another image layered beneath that image, a matte can be used in certain ways to manipulate that image. (Tobias, 2012) Although a matte is an “invisible layer” it allows a determined amount of luminance or

  • Symbolism Of The Monolith And Re Red By Stanley Kubrick

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    Human made structures in this film are curved and spherical. However, before our main characters are presented with the monolith for the first time the rooms and spaces they inhabit are square and sharp in nature. The meeting room on the Clavius, HAL’s core on the Discovery. This impending doom is a subtly hint by Kubrick, an indication that the monolith is about to appear, the sharp lines and dark interiors replace smooth curves and white walls. All this gives a sense of dread and powerlessness

  • Art Case Study: Fantastic Beasts

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    Set extensions with digital matte painting were created using a mix of 3D rendered buildings, 3D projected building detail and projected digital matte paintings. The background was created using reference from 1920’s and 1930’s New York, building photographs with Central Park as the central focus of the environment. A further CG environment

  • Analysis Of Netflix

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    environment work included interior shots of a library, a coffee shop and ‘Hackers Hall’, a seedy indoor market with line upon line of dark market stall type booths filled with screens, hackers, geeks and dodgy technology-based activities. Futuristic matte paintings imagining some of Berlin’s best-known buildings as they would appear 34 years from now were also crafted along with blood shots and various weapons to support the film’s violent and gritty fight sequences. Like all the digital environments

  • Matte Domingue Essay

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    A quick introduction to my readers about who is Matti Domingue. Did you grow up in Haiti or Florida? Where did your love for makeup come from? When was the moment that you know, you wanted to do that for the rest of your life? Who is your biggest inspiration in the business? I know that you are the CEO of “Zoule”, what’s the inspiration behind it? I mean from the name to what’s the purpose of it? Where is, it based mostly (Haiti or US)? Would you say the makeup industry is hard in the US or Haiti

  • Matte Black-Personal Narrative

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    I couldn't help it, I had to go in. It was as if it was haunting me as I stared at it. The door was painted matte black, like I had suggested after he invited me to move in with him on our two year anniversary. I remember that day so vividly, he had asked me what colour I wanted to paint the master bedroom. As always, I was too afraid to speak my mind. He wanted a neutral color and I suggested white, for the first time, it felt like, he agreed with me. He then asked what color the doors should be

  • The Amazing New Matte Lipstick

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    It was starting to be the talk all over the world. Soon teenagers, adults, and all females were talking about the amazing new matte lipstick. The sophomore in high school wanted to see what it was all about. The first time she went to was at a dance competition, where all of the dancers were talking about and showing each other all of the Kylie Lip Kits they had. On the website appeared many different shades of lipsticks available for people to purchase and enjoy. As the student

  • Matte Slavin Research Paper

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    Mattie Slavin Mattie has three siblings, Gabe, Kendall, and Bryleigh. She is very family oriented as she usually could be seen making snapchats with her youngest sister Bryleigh. Mattie is very close knit with all of her family. She often describes Gabe Slavin, her brother, as her mini-me. Mattie is on the 9th grade softball team. She plays very well as an out-fielder and a sub for any position, but pitcher and catcher of course. Mattie knows all the positions and how they work, so that’s why she

  • Matte Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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    The shell is fiber reinforced, ABS thermoplastic and also includes an EPS impact foam to help better protect you in case there happens to be an accident of any kind. In terms of comfort, the Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is second to none. It includes an adjustable steel Dual D-Ring system to fasten the helmet along with a buttoned chin strap so you can easily get rid of the excess material to prevent it from hitting you in the face

  • Visual Effect On Visual Effects

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    Visual effects started out as visual experimental techniques in the very early stages of film starting with filmmakers like George mielies. As technology has progressed so have the ability of visual effects in film. Visual effect techniques has influenced and help innovate film in many different ways in the 21st century. Firstly, one should differentiate between special effects and visual effects. Special effects are generally carried out on set during production whilst and visual effects are usually