Matte painting

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  • Art Case Study: Fantastic Beasts

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    Set extensions with digital matte painting were created using a mix of 3D rendered buildings, 3D projected building detail and projected digital matte paintings. The background was created using reference from 1920’s and 1930’s New York, building photographs with Central Park as the central focus of the environment. A further CG environment

  • Analysis Of Netflix

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    environment work included interior shots of a library, a coffee shop and ‘Hackers Hall’, a seedy indoor market with line upon line of dark market stall type booths filled with screens, hackers, geeks and dodgy technology-based activities. Futuristic matte paintings imagining some of Berlin’s best-known buildings as they would appear 34 years from now were also crafted along with blood shots and various weapons to support the film’s violent and gritty fight sequences. Like all the digital environments,

  • Symbolism Of The Monolith And Re Red By Stanley Kubrick

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    Human made structures in this film are curved and spherical. However, before our main characters are presented with the monolith for the first time the rooms and spaces they inhabit are square and sharp in nature. The meeting room on the Clavius, HAL’s core on the Discovery. This impending doom is a subtly hint by Kubrick, an indication that the monolith is about to appear, the sharp lines and dark interiors replace smooth curves and white walls. All this gives a sense of dread and powerlessness

  • Mattes, Alpha Channels And Masks

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    In the below written essay I will explain the purpose of Mattes, Alpha channels and Masks. I will also explain how and why they are used. “Adobe After Effects” uses “mattes” as an “invisible” layer which can control the opacity of the image above the matte layer. If there is an image visible and another image layered beneath that image, a matte can be used in certain ways to manipulate that image. (Tobias, 2012) Although a matte is an “invisible layer” it allows a determined amount of luminance or

  • Renaissance Art Essay

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    plaster. The pigments are absorbed into the wall when it dries. The benefit of a fresco is durability; since the painting is part of the wall, it does not wear in the same way that a painting does if pigments are applied topically. A major disadvantage is that because the artist works with wet plaster, he needs to paint fast before it dries. Also, colors are usually opaque, and it has a matte appearance. Tempera is when pigments are mixed with egg to produce a durable paint, it creates Tempera. The types

  • Benefits Of Canvas Prints

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    ideas? Arrange them together in a collage to tell your story or praise your children artistic skills by displaying their artworks. Create an art gallery in your home or office with our line of rolled or stretched canvas prints. Unlike poster or oil painting, these wall art prints have an elegant appearance. Stretched canvas gives you the opportunity to decorate your walls with snapshots of the people and places in your life that have touched you most. Best of all, it's an affordable luxury! Ready

  • Vases In Greek Art

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    vase I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago is known as a stamnos, and these types of vases were used to store and hold liquids, like their drinking water. Each vase had its own unique story and the Greeks told these stores through the carvings and paintings crafted into them. These images are very detailed in their expressions, clothing, and designs surrounding the pottery, with these details we get an idea of what life was like during those times some through their images depicting Gods or the others

  • Steps For Conducting Car Interior Paint

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    get a classy look which is really quite impressive. How to conduct interior painting of a car? Car interior paint is not a short-notice task rather lots of preparations are required for dealing with the same. A lot of time is required for completing the concerned task and thus you must be ready with the concrete planning which can help you to conduct the task with greater smoothness. You also got to have greater painting skills and patience so that you can successfully paint the interior parts of

  • Adolph Fredrick Reinhardt Biography

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    Marxist views. Introduced him to radical campus politics which shaped the leftist view that Reinhardt maintained throughout his life. Becoming an editor and cover designer of the Jester a campus magazine. Took painting classes as an undergraduate, where later on after graduation studied painting with Carl Holtly and Francis Criss at the American Artists School, while studying portraiture at the National Academy of Design under Karl Anderson. When Reinhardt finished college, Sponsored by Holtly he became

  • The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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    Art, two paintings are exhibited taking place in the 1800s. These artists have similarities and differences viewpoints of the environment in their painting and it helps people get a glance of what the 1800s were like. The first painting was by a man named George Caleb Bingham. Bingham was born March 20, 1811, Augusta County, Virginia to Mary Amend and Henry Vest Bingham and died July 7, 1879, in Kansas City, Missouri. Bingham was a self taught artist. He’s well known for his painting like The