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  • Mattel Mattel Strategic Plan

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    with Mattel, the company is still suffering from the seriousness of product recall issues (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). Despite Mattel’s best efforts not all manufacturing companies overseas are keeping up with Mattel’s high standards (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). China’s manufacturing companies say that Mattel is not providing quality toy plans (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). Regardless of who is right or wrong, the responsibility falls on Mattel, the name on the toy (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). Mattel is

  • Mattel Inc

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    children have special responsibilities to consumers and society? What are these responsibilities and how well has Mattel met them? Provide evidence of Mattel’s strengths and weaknesses in this area. Yes. As Mattel’s products are designed primarily for children, it must be sensitive to societal concerns about children’s rights. Strengths Responsibility towards the community * Mattel recognizes international environment, different legal systems and cultural expectations, and the use of technology

  • Mattel Case

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    MATTEL CASE I. OVERVIEW Mattel was founded in 1945 by Elliot and Ruth Handler. The couple started out making furniture to sell out of their garage. This business was a success, but they wanted a new business approach to remain competitive in the fast-changing world. So, they turned to making toys, and Mattel became the world’s largest toy company, with a revenue of $5.8 billion and a net income of $684 million in 2010. Recently, the company commissioned Chinese companies to produce some

  • Mattel Inc

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    Mattel, Inc: Vendor Operations in Asia 小组成员:葛晔韬、李如妍、陈嘉、黎健兴、马迪 Introduction Mattel is a leading company in the toy industry created in 1945, which owns a number of iconic toys and renowned brands. Mattel differentiate between core and non-core products, manufacturing its core products in-house and outsourcing non-core products. And core products include Barbie, Hot Wheels products, selective Disney and Fisher Price lines, while non-core products tended to be promotional items, or toys with short

  • Mattel Case Study

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    Introduction and Background Mattel was started in 1945 in a southern California garage workshop. It reached global share leadership through the growth of Barbie in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. During this time Jill E Barad leveraged her marketing talent to build Barbie from $250 million in annual sales, in 1980’s to $1.9 Billion in 1998. This success gave reason for Jill Barad to ascend to the CEO of Mattel in January 1997, which was the height of the company’s success. A little over a year

  • Mattel and the Toy Recalls

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    ‘Mattel and the Toy Recalls’ (Case A) Related information: Mattel, Inc. is a toy manufacturing company founded in 1945 with headquarters in El Segundo, California. In 2010, it ranked #387 on the Fortune 500. The products and brands it produces include Fisher-Price, Barbie dolls, Monster High dolls, Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys, Masters of the Universe, American Girl dolls, board games, WWE Toys, and early-1980s video game systems. Mattel “designs, manufactures, and markets a broad variety of toy

  • Mattel and Toy Safety

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    In 2007, the international toy manufacturer, Mattel, Inc. issued several recalls for millions of their products. These recalls were for safety reasons in that testing at the manufacturing sites and special test laboratories showed that millions of their toys were coated with dangerous amounts of lead in the paint. This lead based paint contains a potent neurotoxin that if ingested can cause serious harm to children. Mattel assured the public that the problem would be solved, the recalled products

  • Essay Overview of Mattel

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    Mattel by Felicia Martinez Overview It is hard not to think of Mattel when one thinks of toy manufacturers. After all, in 1959 when Mattel introduced their product the Barbie doll they became the forefront of the toy industry and have not backed down from that position since. Before they became the toy industry giant they are today Mattel simply started in a garage workshop in Southern California by entrepreneurs Ruth Handler, Elliot Handler, and Harold Matson. Harold Matson soon sold his

  • Mattel Case Essay

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    Case Study: Real Choices at Mattel 9/25/11 1. The decision facing Mattel is whether to continue to produce their products internationally where cost are low, or produce them in the United States where costs are significantly higher but quality is better. Mattel might want to even reconsider going global if there sales are decreasing more internationally than in the United States. Mattel needs to determine how many of the products produced internationally were recalled versus the amount of

  • Case Study Of Mattel

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    Introduction Mattel, a US Toy manufacturing company, is the subject of this case study. The company’s marketing experience is being studied and analyzed specifically in regard to its challenges in term of competition with MGA, Hot Wheels, and sub-cidery company Fisher-Price, and their failure with Barbie’s marketing and sales. The case also focusing on Mattel’s strategic changes and the impact of the management style on main business results, especially when comparing 2 different eras of CEO’s whereas