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  • Mattel Case Study

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    Because of the company’s product and designs primary for children, it must be sensitive to social concern about children’s right: By assuring parents that their children’s privacy will be respected, Mattel demonstrated that it takes its responsibility of marketing to children seriously. In 2007, Mattel conduct entitled Global Manufacturing principles. In this principle, Mattel’s business partners must ensure high standard for product safety and quality, adhering to practices that meet Mattel’s safety

  • Mattel Case Study

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    Mattel Case Study - Presentation Transcript 1. no. 1-0013 Mattel, Inc: Vendor Operations in Asia Only 3% of the world’s children are here in the U.S. Our biggest opportunities are in growth outside the U.S. – Jill Barad President & CEO Mattel, Inc. The sun was just breaking over Kowloon Harbor. From his corner office, Ron Montalto gazed across the water and watched the early morning light reflect off Hong Kong’s famous downtown skyline. Only 24 hours ago Ron had been riding around the Carolina

  • Why to Invest in Mattel

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    Mattel Stephanie Amabile BUS 521 Mattel is the world’s #1 toy maker with more than 30,000 employees and more than $4 billion in sales. A well-established core product portfolio has set Mattel’s established position in the toy market much higher than their competitors. Its products include Barbie, Fisher-Price toys, Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars, American Girl dolls books, and licensed Disney and Sesame Street products are just a few that have helped them reach such great profits throughout the

  • Mattel Case Analysis

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    Mattel Case Analysis Problem Definition The problem surrounding Mattel Inc. is their mismanagement of international subcontractors and vendors and the production of certain toys (the manufacturing process), as well as their inability to adapt their marketing strategy or product to the constantly changing “demographic and socioeconomic trends.” This is supported by Mattel’s legal battle with Carter Bryant and MGA, their forced recall of certain toys that were manufactured overseas, and the increasing

  • Case Analysis Mattel

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    Case Summary: Mattel, Inc has the vision of being the world’s premier toy brand, for the present and the future. It currently sells products in over 150 nations. The company was founded in 1945 by Harold Matson and Elliot Handler. It has gone to be 30,000 employees strong working in 43 countries. Mattel, Inc includes a number of toy brands such as Barbie, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, American Girl, Tyco, and others. In 2008, the company was recognized by FORTUNE magazine as one of the “100 Best

  • Mattel and Ttoy Recalls

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    The Mattel and the Toy Recalls integrative case poses six questions (four from the case and two from the professor) which will be addressed in this analysis. 1. What went wrong with Mattel’s recall strategy? The strategy used by Mattel in the toy recall was focused on passing the blame to China’s work practices and materials used. Mattel prematurely placed disproportionate blame on Chinese manufacturers and appeared defensive and somewhat fearful. In addition, the toy manufacture delayed reporting

  • Mattel Case Study

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    In 2004, Mattel Inc. first filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming that its former employee, Carter Bryant, violated copyright infringement and breach of contract. Mattel is widely known for their popular Barbie dolls and MGA Entertainment have their Bratz dolls, which were the popular modernized Barbie in the 2000’s. In 2008, a federal jury ruled in favor of Mattel because they believed Mr. Bryant developed the concept of the Bratz doll while working at Mattel, then leaving

  • Ethical Issues Of Mattel

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    Mattel Inc which is no doubt one of the biggest toy manufacturing companies in the world, was founded in 1945 with the headquarters in El Segundo, California. This company that has brought more beloved toys to many children worldwide such as Barbie, Hot Wheels and also Matchbox and many more that are found in every single household. Winning many awards such as Fortune magazine as one of the top 100 companies to work for in 2013, noting that its well as the fact that theres more than 1,000 employees

  • Mattel Social Responsibility Essay

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    issues. Mattel Incorporated Mattel Inc. is a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of toy products worldwide that is based in El Segundo, California. Mattel was founded by Harold “Matt” Matson and Ruth and Elliot Handler in 1945 with their first products being picture frames and eventually

  • Impacts Of Sustainability For Mattel Essay

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    com/article/news/tech-competition-mattel-hasbro-tug-o-war-top/245477/ 3) 4) 5) Subject: Impact of Sustainability for Mattel Mattel, Inc. is a company of USD10 billion worldwide leaders in toy business. The company is continuously growing and expanding globally but facing impacts of sustainability from the interfaces of Environment, Society and Economy. Mattel is dispatching