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  • Mattel Toy Recall Essay

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    Executive Summary Mattel has been criticized heavily for having to recall not once but thrice in 5 weeks 20 million toys manufactured in China with lead paint and/or loose, potentially dangerous magnets. Clearly Mattel does not have sufficiently tight quality control procedures in its supply chain to compensate for the extra risks of outsourcing to Chinese subcontractors and clearly there are design flaws in the toys with the magnets that could come loose. Although many observers give the company

  • Mattel Case Study Analysis

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    Unit Four Mattel Case Study Analysis Tosha Collins Kaplan University School of Business and Management MT 460-04 Management Policy and Strategy Dr. K. Peterson 1/31/12 Unit Four Mattel Case Study Analysis In 1944, the Mattel brand was founded by Ruth and Elliot Handler and Harold “Matt” Matson. They launched Mattel out of a garage workshop in Southern California. The first Mattel products were actually picture frames, but Elliot soon started using the scrap from the picture frames to create

  • The Ethical And Social Responsibility Of The Mattel Toys

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    leaders at Mattel do. Mattel knows they have an ethical and social responsibility to their customers. Their goal is to produce toys that are not only safe but also made at ethically run production facilities. Case Study: Identification Ruth and Elliot Handler and Harold “Matt” Matson started their business venture as a picture frame company. Their first production shop was a garage in Southern California in the early 1940’s (

  • Mattel Toys Recall Case Study

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    MATTEL TOYS RECALL CASE STUDY Product  recall:   On  August  14,  2007,  the  U.S.  Consumer  Product  Safety   Commission  (CPSC)  in  cooperation  with  Mattel  announced  five   different  recalls  of  Mattel's  toys.  On  September  4,  Mattel   announced  three  more  recalls.  Some  were  due  to  the  use  of  lead   paint,  while  others  were  due  to

  • Dols of Mattel - Challenges on the Global Markets

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    Mattel ­ Case Study ­ Dolls facing new challenges on the global market I. Executive Summary Mattel produces and sells various toys around the world and among these Barbie fashion doll is the flagship. This product was criticized from more aspects from other cultures of Aisa where the lifestyle Barbie represents is not commonly accepted. On the other hand privacy issues were raised by parents regarding the digital marketing activity of Mattel, as rights of children are related in this market. Mat

  • Mattel And The Chinese Consumer Market Essay

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    issues Mattel, U.S. toymaker faced when it decided to opens its door in China. The store was designed to cater to young girls who may be interested in purchasing Barbie doll clothing and accessories. The flagship store had to close its doors in two years, because of global cultural issues that hadn’t be well thought out. This paper will discuss those issues and it present some solutions on how Mattel can be successful in the Chinese consumer market. Problems Mattel Faced In 2009, Mattel, one of

  • Mattel Toys: Safe for Girls and Boys? Essay

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    Mattel designs and manufactures toys that are treasured by boys and girls all around the world. They believe in the influence of play and the power it has on children to grow and learn. This paper will look at who was responsible for Mattel initiating the recall of its toys, whether Mattel acted in an ethical, responsible manner in regards to the safety of their toys, and also look at ways society can protect children from harmful toys. Mattel was founded in 1945 and was run from a garage in

  • Mattel Case Analysis : Toy Safety

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    Toy safety has always been a top priority for Mattel, Inc. Being one of the world’s leading toy makers, Mattel, Inc has always had a reputation of being a responsible company. A global leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of toys and family products, “More than 30,0000 people in 43 countries are employed by Mattel, which has sold products in over 150 countries” ( Toy safety will always be Mattel’s highest priority as their mission states, “

  • Case Study 2.Mattel Toys Recall

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    by 25 percent , especially in China and India.There are about 880 companies in the toys industry. The main key players such as Mattel, Hasbro, RC2, JAAKS Pacific, Marvel, and Lego. This industry were lead by Mattel and Hasbro. Big retailers like Wal-Mart and Target had become major players in the U.S. toy market. They also sold product to other toy companies, such as Mattel, Hasbro, and

  • Case Case Study : Mattel Toy Recall

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    Case Study 2 – Mattel 1. Do you believe that Mattel acted in a socially responsible and ethical manner with regard to the safety of its toys? Why or Why not? What should or could Mattel have done differently, if anything? As the makers of children’s toys, Mattel has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that every toy is made within the tightest of safety standards. With the case of the Mattel toy recall, the company acted within the spectrum of their code of conduct that was titled Global Manufacturing