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  • The Creation of Barbie as an American Icon Essay examples

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    grown up accessories as the other adult dolls. As soon as Barbie was introduced to the public, her mature body horrified many adult females. Mothers said they would not allow their child to play with Barbie because they were wary of her sex appeal. Mattel conducted a study with mothers and daughters before they introduced Barbie. Barbie's sexy

  • Essay on Mattel’s China Experience: a Crisis in Toyland

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    Mattel’s China Experience: A Crisis in Toyland In 2007, Mattel a California based toy company shockingly recalled 19 million toys that had been manufactured in China. Mattel was founded in 1944, and has produced iconic toys such as Barbie and Hot Wheels. The company had a long established trust with their consumers that had been forged from decades of reliability. However, when the company recalled 19 million toys due to health and safety violations, consumer confusion and outrage soared. The public

  • The Success Of The Barbie Doll

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    The industry was dominated by a few major players, such as Mattel, Hasbro, LEGO and RC2. Mattel and Hasbro’s sales alone accounted for over 12% of global sales. By 2007, most toy production occurred in China. So much in fact, that nearly 85% of all toys sold in North America were imported from China. Mattel was the industry leader up until very recently and witnessed many successes in terms of its products and globalization. Much of Mattel 's success comes from its strong branding. From the 1959 introduction

  • A New Barbie Commercial Challenges

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    to imagine they can be anything?” (“Imagine the Possibilities”). Mattel has created an inspiring and thought provoking ad. The ad, titled “Imagine the Possibilities,” was developed and published by Mattel as a promotion for Barbie Dolls. The ad was originally published on Mattel’s YouTube channel (Rose). To create a successful advertisement, Mattel targeted a particular audience. A very specific purpose was kept in mind as Mattel created the ad. Rhetorical appeals were boldly used throughout the

  • Barbie And Her Dream House Or Racing Hot Wheel Cars

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    however the leaders at Mattel do. Mattel’s leaders know they have an ethical and social responsibility to their customers. Their goal is to produce toys that are not only safe but also made at ethically run production facilities. Leaders of companies that have an ethical corporate culture, have an easier time making ethical and socially responsible choices. The leaders are more focused on the effects their actions have on the stakeholders than on the financial gains. Case

  • Operations Primary Activity: Toys Product Design And Development

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    Introduction Have you ever heard the name of Barbie or Hot wheels before? What is the main factor do you consider when buying a toys to children? Safety, Price or Branding? Mattel is a one of the worldwide leader and historic branding in toys industry was founded in 1945, which provided toys product from their own design idea to mass production and retailer shop distribution. They were owned and created several popular toys branding such as fashion doll Barbie, Hot wheels, Monster Highs and acquired

  • Management Quiz

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    points Q U ES TI O N 2 (Not a repeat question.) The New Product Development Team at Mattel Inc. has developed a new version of the

  • Essay about Marketing Case Study for Barbie

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    As the doll market expands internationally, too, Mattel has not always been successful at matching or selling Barbie to local cultures. Many people from other non-Western cultures want dolls that match their culture, and Barbie frequently does not fit them. I could not find any political factors that

  • Barbie Dolls On Young Children Essay

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    Mattel: Influences of Barbie dolls on young children Mattel is considered one of the most leading industry when it comes to the invention of toys and video games. Mattel is also a leading brand company that researches and develops new toys and then buys or license them from inventors. But what exactly are they doing to convince us consumers to buy their products? For the past decades now, Barbie dolls mainly created by Mattel have grown tremendously and have made a huge impact to children’s lives

  • The New Body Types Are Petite, Tall And Curvy

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    After 57 years since its creation, Barbie has finally obtained a new body. The three new body types are petite, tall and curvy. On January 28th, Mattel released these new dolls for sale on their website. Eliana Dockterman goes inside the company’s story to discuss the risks they 're taking and what their decision says about American beauty standards. For generations, Barbie has been the global symbol of American beauty. The doll has been associated with the belief that it was designed “to teach women