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  • Book Review Of Ishmael Beah

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    Introduction The author of this book, Ishmael Beah was forced to become a child soldier at 12 years old due to the civil war occurring in his home country of Sierra Leone which first began in 1991. After Ishmael’s home village of Mogbwemo was attacked by rebels he was separated from his family, forcing him to flee. Without a home or a family to take care of him, Ishmael then spent months wandering with a group of other boys who had been displaced by the war. While taking refuge in a village protected

  • Similarities And Differences In The Hobbit And The Hero's Journey

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    Have you ever noticed the continuous recurring theme in your favorite movies and books? That is called the Hero’s Journey. Bilbo Baggins, a supposedly unadventurous hobbit is requested to accompany a group of dwarves on a difficult journey by none other than Gandalf, the well-known wizard himself. Ishmael Beah, a young, happy boy goes out with his friends without saying goodbye, not knowing it may be his last time to see them. While with his friends, his town gets attacked by the rebels and his

  • Examples Of Loss Of Innocence In A Long Way Gone

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    To start with, the story begins when Ishmael and his rap-passionate friends are all headed to Mattru Jong for a talent show, “I left home with Junior...and go to the town of Mattru Jong, to participate in our friends talent show” (Beah, p.6). As one can see, he was just a vulnerable, naive boy before mayhem broke loose around him. Moreover, Ishmael endures an extremely perilous adventure

  • A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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    Beah, published by Sarah Crichton Books in New York in 2007, tells the haunting story of Ishmael Beah, a child soldier during the Sierra Leone Civil War. The book begins in January of 1993 in Ishmael’s small village called Mogbwemo, located near Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone. A Long Way Gone addresses a plethora of geographical issues such as refugees and population movements, child exploitation, and most of all: war. Each of these issues directly affects Ishmael, the autobiographer. In his book of memoirs

  • Loss of Innocence in A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

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    life. In the A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah, a twelve-year-old explains how he used to go on a swim with his friends and his love for rap music and hip-hop dance. When Ishmael and his friends went to visit Mattru Jong, they visited Ishmael's grandparents in Kabati. While staying at the Mattru Jong, they

  • Summary : The Tale Of The Wild Pigs

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    The tale of the “wild pigs” is about why pigs hate humans so much. In the book, A Long Way Gone, the protagonist, Ishmael, was being chased by wild pigs, recalling the tale his grandmother told him when he was younger. This tale provides Ishmael with some insight about his situation. It tells about a hunter who used magic to transform himself into a wild pig. He would lead the herd of pigs into an open area then transform himself into a human by eating a special plant and shoot the pigs. One day

  • Pure Evil In A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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    The human behavior is one that will haunt humanity forever. A Long Way Gone, written by Ishmael Beah, is an original non-fiction story based on Ishmael’s personal experiences in warfare. But, shockingly, he witnessed warfare from the small eyes of his teenage years. Having to experience one of the worst things in history, at such a young age, is terrible. War, in this case or in any case, relates to both human condition and human nature. Human conditions, in short, are things that that defines the

  • Notes On ' The Dream '

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    rap music. 2 years later while traveling to the town of Mattru there village is attacked while they are gone and they are now stuck at Mattru Jong to wait for word from their family. Chapter 2: Ishmael awakes from a nightmare from the past in present day New York where he had been for a month. He and his group had just killed another group of people and did not care in the dream. Chapter 3: Ishmael and his friends are stuck at Mattru Jong for longer than they had hoped. A messenger arrives with

  • A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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    throughout his life. (Beah, 2007, p. 5-218) For the first time the love for music in some formed shields the boys. Beah and his friends left their village, Mogbwemo, to travel to one of the neighboring villages, Mattru Jong, to participate in their talent show. The next day after arriving in Mattru Jong, Beah and his friends heard the news that the rebels attacked Mogbwemo. If Beah and his friends hadn 't left for the talent show, they would have been there when the rebels arrived, and most likely would

  • Trust Issues In Ishmael's Life

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    what you go through, if you keep going and you have supporters you can overcome a harsh past. Ishmael was ten years young before his life path took a bitter turn. He was an innocent young boy traveling a journey from their village, Mogbwemo to Mattru Jong with two of his friend to see his mother and little brother. After two days of visiting his mother, Ishmael continues his journey to Kabati, his grandmother’s village still with his two friends. Though he visits his families during the journey,