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  • Mauritanians Research Paper

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    Prior to colonization by the French, Mauritania was a land that was inhabited by two populations. The Moors and the Mauritanians. The Moors descended from the Berbers who came from North Africa and they speak Hassaniyya Arabic, which is a dialect of Arabic. They are of the Muslim religion and make up about 70 percent of the population. The other 30 percent of the population comes from the black Mauritanians.1 The Mauritanians contain sub-groups of people known as the Soninke, Wolof, Fulani, and Bambara

  • Kingdom Of Ghana Essay

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    Soninke called this empire Wagadugu. However, we now call it Ghana because the Arabs. The capital of Ancient Ghana was Koumbi Saleh. Toho began his adventures towards the west of Africa. The Kingdom of Ghana was located in present day Mauritania, Senegal, and Mali. The Kingdom of Ghana was close to many rivers such as the Gambia River, Niger River, and the Senegal River. Due to the location of this kingdom, trade was very common. Ghana was known for the abundance of gold. Because of the

  • How Did Geography Affect The Kingdom Of Ghana

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    into ten regions, Western Ghana, Central Ghana, Greater Accra, Eastern Ghana, Volta, Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo, Northern Ghana, Upper West Ghana and Upper East Ghana. The Empire of Ghana was located in Western Africa in what is today the countries of Mauritania, Senegal, and Mali. The region lies just south of the Sahara Desert and is mostly savanna grasslands. Major rivers in the region such as the Gambia River, Senegal River, and the Niger River served as the means of transportation and trade. Vegetation

  • Ghan The Empire Of Ghana

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    The city of Ghana is around 1067 E.S.T. and 1,600 Km2 long. Ghana was established around 350 A.D.C. The Ghana Empire was located in Western Africa, which is today the one of the countries of Mauritania , Senegal, and The Mali Empire. Ghana is just on the south side of the Sonora desert and also mostly around the Savanna Grasslands. Next, Ghana was the word that soninke used for their king. The word Ghana came from “Warrior King” . Ancient Ghana

  • What Is Mauritania Determine Their Culture?

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    The history of Mauritania goes back to Paleolithic and Neolithic times. Not much is known about this time, but remains of their culture help us to determine their culture. In the 11th century, sub-saharan (also known as Sahel) people and the Berbers settled in Mauritania. Almoravids (reformers) from the sahara begin a strict form of Islam. They created trade routes leading to Morocco. As the southern branch, they mined salt, fine cloth, brocades and paper in exchange for gold. The Arab Alassani

  • John Sutter's 2012 Report: Slavery in Mauritania

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    John Sutter's 2012 report on slavery in Mauritania is the piece of writing that I am going to discuss in this paper. Some of the power of this piece derives from factors unrelated to the writing. The report is multimedia, so there are visuals that accompany the writing. In addition, the concepts are powerful on their own slavery is powerful in particular, but the wild, desert setting is also quite evocative. The writing itself, however, also holds a lot of power. The first thing that holds a

  • Africans Imperialism

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    The desert-rich country of Mauritania has a complicated history. They have been controlled by various countries throughout their history. The country was originally inhabited by Black Africans; they date back to the Stone Age. They were quickly inhabited by Sanhaja Berbers who were Caucasoid people from North Africa. This society is dated back as far as the 3rd and 4th century. Therefore, most native people from Mauritania are of Berber descent. Berbers were mainly farmers. They had their own

  • Descent Based Slavery In Africa

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    Mauritania, located in the north of Africa is one of the last places in the world to have Descent Based Slavery. The slaves in Mauritania are bought, sold and even given as gifts. It is extremely hard to escape slavery in Mauritania because of the slave caste society and environment that they are surrounded by. People who are slaves in Mauritania are part of what is known as the Haratine Ethnic Group. The Haratine Ethnic

  • Sahrawi People Research Paper

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    glorious state and a history that praises our revolutionary struggle from stateless to statehood. The geography of our state features the region located in the Northwest of Africa on the Atlantic coast of the continent just south of Morocco, north of Mauritania, and west of Algeria. Encompassed by fertile plants and arid desert, we are a proud home to the richest resources such as hydrocarbons, phosphates, and iron ore. We take good pride to be a part of the Saharan Desert, the largest desert in the world

  • Western Sahara Research Paper

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    Western Sahara is located on the northwest coast of Africa bordered by Morocco, Mauritania, and Algeria. It is mostly part of the Sahara desert. Western Sahara is one of the most sparsely populated territories in the world. Their climate is hot, dry desert, rain is rare, the cold offshore air currents produces fog and heavy dew. Due to the fact that The Western Sahara is mostly desert, we can not build a highway through here, but it could be built on the coast. Western Sahara’s territory is 85% under