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  • Ancient Mayan Script Of The Maya

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    Ancient Mayan Script The Maya hieroglyphic writing is perhaps one of the most complex writing systems in the world. This writing system contains over hundreds of rare signs or glyphs in the form of humans, animals, and objects. Many of these signs contained either logograms or syllabograms to write words, sentences, and phrases. Logograms were to used express the meaning and syllabograms to denote sound values. The Mayan’s were able to write anything that they can say. They were able to turn whatever

  • Mayan And Mayan Writing System

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    By examining the environment the Maya had lived, we are able to look at the how the Maya used their writing system and it also further reflects the Maya’s surroundings. The Mayan civilization had flourished throughout the Yucatan peninsula in Central America. They inhabited areas of which is now modern-day Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras (Cartwright). Being located near the Equator, there are various environments in Central America. The Maya could have resided in the tropical

  • Medicine River Essay

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    captive in another country. Also different in the movie is the fact that in the beginning scenes Will finds out that his mother passed, and doesn’t make it to Medicine River in time for her funeral. With all of the alterations that were made in the script, I found it an interesting and nice addition when Harlen persuaded Will to hire ex-convict Clyde Whiteman as an assistant in his photography studio. The only change which I was not particularly fond of was the addition of Will’s boss Ellen. Particularly

  • Mud River Stone Analysis

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    back on January 18th, I quickly found myself at home for a month with my script and a ticking clock. Every day I found myself immersed in the script working to get off book as quickly as I could, but I also found myself at a major standstill, normally in regards to memorizing a script I found that I try to memorize the smaller chucks first then memorize the longer sections, I thought this tactic would work best for this script; I quickly discovered that for myself that the opposite would be the crowning

  • The Enduring Love Play Analysis

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    THE LAND ABOVE presents as a historical character driven drama. The script offers an excellent main protagonist, whose life story is both dramatic and fascinating, thus providing a great potential for an interesting biopic. The story also provides some memorable combat scenes and shows a strong potential for compelling visual portrayal. Nevertheless, the overall dramatic premise with George Washington trying to demythologize himself has room for more development in the areas of the structure and

  • The Annier Synopsis

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    giving up the security of his stable and financially secure and swanky life for an unpredictable and erratic career as a voice announcer is highly engaging. The premise is a great set up for conflict, drama, humor, and character transformation. The script conveys strong themes about never giving up on one’s dream. The tone is dramatic, but with a wonderful blend of humor. There's also a strong, inspiring pitch to the story. Steve’s goal to become a working announcer and the grand master at the circus

  • Post Rapture Essay

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    the public. STORY COMMENTS THE UNRAPTURED is a faith-based, thriller that sends a strong message about the power of believing. The script explores the danger of a society that oppresses one’s belief. The script is targeted toward a teenage audience. In fact, there’s a very likable teen protagonist that drives the story. The tone is consistently dramatic. The script examines solid themes about faith, destiny, and believing. There are many twists and turns consistent with a thriller. Thriller techniques

  • Teenagers And The Struggle For Identity Analysis

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    determination is the guide that sets the dream. In the song, Hall of Fame by The Script featuring, it provides a catchy tune that relates to the lyrics. The lyrics provide a meaning and incorporates into the background. Hall of Fame is a song that provides the confidence to help determination. Before the chorus, they sing “You can be a master/ Don’t wait for luck/ Dedicate yourself and you gonna find yourself” (The Script, 11-13). By applying determination to become “a master,” a person can “dedicate”


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    JUST ONE DRINK is an intriguing, seductive thriller. The script is driven by themes about evil, revenge, redemption, and forgiveness. It explores the idea that one can never escape their past. While there are engaging elements of the script with a potentially complex character in the role of Tamara, overall the script would benefit from more development, especially in the area of structure, pace, tension, as well as further character development. First, the story opens in the past to set up

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Fish Out Of Water '

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    and GOODFELLAS. The tone is light-hearted. The script features an extremely appealing hook: a seasoned mobster decides to retire and reconcile with his estranged daughter and grandson. He goes from being a big time mobster negotiator to a small town PTA fundraiser. There’s an amusing “fish out of water” element to the storytelling. Solid themes about second chances, respect, reconnection, and redemption are well interwoven into the plot. The script features a very likable and charming protagonist