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    MCI Communications Corp. BACKGROUND MCI Communications Corp., a long distance telecommunications company, had been a sluggish performer in a buoyant market, and the management sensed a growing restlessness on the part of shareholders. To enhance the shareholders’ value, the company planned to repurchase some of its outstanding common stock. To guide the management in its decision, the company sought the advice of Lynch Investments in establishing a program to repurchase some of its outstanding common

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    effectively has MCI financed its needs in the past? In looking through case data from Pg. 2 (68 of course-pack), Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 9A, we see that MCI has gone through two stages: 1. Startup stage from FY1972 through 1977, where the firm generated negative OI 2. Growth stage from FY1978 onwards where the firm started generating positive OI The financing for the startup phase was performed predominantly through common stock as expected, followed by debt financing. During this stage, MCI had grossly

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    that the board of directors at MCI was divided between two possible solutions. Should the company finance the repurchase by increasing MCI's debt financing by at least doubling the current debt-equity ration that stood at 36% at that time (MCI)? Conversely, would a more conservative approach of using an open-market purchase program, announcing its intentions to repurchase its stock from "time to time" but only as corporate funds become available, be more appropriate (MCI)? The answer to this question

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    Pavlo’s story began as a manager at MCI Communications Corporation. He and his team oversaw billing and collecting for the company, which went smoothly until customers stopped paying because of a decline in business in the telecommunications market. Pavlo used a computer program he created to track transactions to falsify transactions to cover up the lack of sales the company was experiencing. After half a year of Pavlo’s accounting fraud, MCI Communications’ auditors discovered it. By this time

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    1.3.2 Reason why Enron collapse 1. Accounting Fraud They decentralize their operation into few sub division and fake corporations, so Enron can hide tremendous derivative losses that would affect its growth, if the losses is disclosed. Public traded corporations have to show their financial statements clear to the public, but Enron's finances were a edited transactions between itself and its sub division that use to cover up its true financial state. In another words, all the lost and debt were cover

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    do big companies take so much from each other? MCI, Inc. was an American telecommunication corporation, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. In the article World-Class Scandal At WorldCom by David Hancock he discusses how “The corporation was formed as a result of the fusion of WorldCom and MCI Communications corporations, and used the name MCI WorldCom for a while and was succeeded by the WorldCom Company, before changing its name on April 12, 2003, as part of the corporation 's ending of their

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    corporate image. It is important to acknowledge that corporations never fail but leaders do as they are charged with the primary mandate of ensuring that all the operations of the companies are structured for excellence. In the case study, I will look at MCI WorldCom that was significantly challenged by the lack of an elaborate leadership structure to prevent the accounting scandal that brought the company down risking bankruptcy proceedings against it. The company was exposed to growing to be one of the

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    9-104-071 REV: SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 ROBERT S. KAPLAN DAVID KIRON Accounting Fraud at WorldCom WorldCom could not have failed as a result of the actions of a limited number of individuals. Rather, there was a broad breakdown of the system of internal controls, corporate governance and individual responsibility, all of which worked together to create a culture in which few persons took responsibility until it was too late. — Richard Thornburgh, former U.S. attorney general1 On July 21, 2002

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    Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. Corporate governance essentially involves balancing the interests of a company's many stakeholders, such as shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community. The definition of corporate governance most widely used is "the system by which companies are directed and controlled" by Cadbury Committee (1992). The framework of rules and practices

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    er Ethics Case Study Assignment 1. Overview Of the Corporation: • WorldCom is a company built on telecommunications in the United States. WorldCom was invented in 1963 and the MCI WorldCom was established in 1998. During the 1990’s, WorldCom was a fast growing company in terms of their telecommunication services. The company started to supply long distance calling in 1983 and was considered the fourth best phone providing business. It was very effective due to the quality and quantity of services