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  • Mean Mode and Median

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    Mean, Mode and Median Ungrouped and Grouped Data Ungrouped Data refers to raw data that has been ‘processed’; so as to determine frequencies. The data, along with the frequencies, are presented individually. Grouped Data refers to values that have been analysed and arranged into groups called ‘class’. The classes are based on intervals – the range of values – being used. It is from these classes, are upper and lower class boundaries found. Mean Mean The   ‘Mean’ is the total of all the values

  • Median-Crossing Collisions

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    according to law enforcement officials. Mundt died at the accident scene from her injuries. Moore was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Law enforcement officers are still investigating the traffic accident. Median-Crossing Collisions Crossing the median can have deadly consequences, as the above accident demonstrates. When one vehicle crosses into the wrong lane, it is likely to hit another vehicle head on. Head-on collisions account for only two percent of car accidents but head-on

  • Century National Bank

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    of a typical costumer is 1709.125 , and the value along which most of the account balance cluster is 1721.5 We have 12 of the checking accounts are above 2000 which represent 20% of the total checking account Q2. Determining the mean and the median of the checking accounts for Century National Bank, we are trying to find the single value that will represent all 60 checking accounts in our sample. That single value will be measure of central tendency. Arithmetic mean is widely used measure of

  • The First Round Of Data Collection

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    restocking times reported on the recording sheets. The mean was 7 minutes and 32 seconds. The median was 7 minutes and 37 seconds. During the second round of data collection, 48 recording sheets were distributed over four work days, three shifts per day, and four work areas per shift. There were 110 restocking times reported on the recording sheets. The mean was 7 minutes and 13 seconds. The median was 7 minutes and 16 seconds. Employees who restocked the work areas were given questionnaires that


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    pay interest versus those that do not. Once again though the difference is not shockingly big. The mean of the group of customers that do not pay interest is 10.07 and therefore lower than the group of individuals who do pay interest, 10.94. Both medians are very close, 10.00 for the customers who don’t pay interest and 10.05 for the ones who do. However the variance for the customers that don’t pay interest is higher than the variance of the customers who do. This indicates that there is a more homogenous

  • The Median Household Income

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    The U.S Census Bureau stated in 2012, that “the median household income was $51,000” ( 12). The nation’s poverty rate in 2012, was fifteen percent which stands for 46.5 million people living at or below the poverty line ( 12). Household income over the past five years has declined since 2007 by 8.3 percent ( 12). Women who worked full time and year round, earned 77% of that of men working full time (www.CongressionalDigest

  • Case Study 2

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    Commonwealth 85.7% Median 84.9% Median 84.9% Lower quartile 80.0% Lower quartile 80.0% Proxima 71.4% Proxima 78.1% State average 68.6% State average 67.1% State median 64.9% State median 64.5% Signet Healthcare 63.0% Signet Healthcare 62.4% Commercial Premium Revenue PMPM           2012 2013   Commonwealth $127.82 Commonwealth   $127.90 Proxima 120.68 Proxima 124.27 WellLife 108.68 State median 108.95 State median 108.32 WellLife

  • Gm533 Project Part a

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    format. The box represents the lower quartile of $30,250 (25% of incomes are less than this value), the median of $42,000, and the upper quartile of $54,750 (25% of incomes are greater than this value). Sample Size | 50 | Mean | $3,964.06 | Sample Standard Deviation | $924.11 | Minimum | $1,864.00 | Maximum | $5,678.00 | Range | $3,814.00 |   |   | 1st quartile | $3,130.50 | Median | $4,090.00 | 3rd quartile | $4,732.75 | Interquartile range | $1,602.25 | Mode | $3,890.00 |

  • Essay on Motion Picture Industry Managerial Report

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    and do well in the future. This could also serve as a guide of whether to make a sequel and if it would or would not maximize profits. As with the opening gross, total gross also has a right tail, therefore, median would be a more appropriate central tendency measure than the mean. The median total gross was 5.85, indicating 50% of the total gross values were less than 5.85 and 50% were above 5.85. The range of total gross was 380.15; from 0.03 to 380.18 and the standard deviation was 63.16. Again

  • The Age And Soft Drink Consumption Data For Center City

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    soft drinks in Center City is 7.6 cans. Similarly, the median age is 35, which indicates that half of the persons in this sample are younger than 35 while the other half is older than 35. The median consumption remains close to the mean, 7 cans of soft drink. The median soft drink consumption (7 cans) shows that half the people in this sample consume more than 7 cans of soft drink while the other half consume less than 7 cans. The mean and median age or soft drink consumption for Center city appear