Medically unexplained physical symptoms

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  • Hysteria And Its Effects On Society

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    into physical symptoms, such as when a patient complains of symptoms for which no clear physical cause. Somatization disorder has often been linked with hysteria in the same ways that hypochondriasis has, however these two diseases are not the same. In the past hypochondriasis was thought to be a somatization disorder, but has since been re-classified as an anxiety disorder by the DSM-IV (Ehrlich, 2013). A somatization disorder is a chronic condition in which a person has physical symptoms involving

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Projective Tests

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    Final Examination Part one (answer any two) What are some of the advantages and disadvantages with using projective tests?  Make sure to include the concepts of validity and reliability in your answer.  As part of the ability tests, which measure what we have learned and our ability to learn new things, Projective tests are used to deduce a person's feelings, needs and motive on the basis of a person's interpretation of ambiguous stimuli, which consists of pictures, patterns and stories.

  • Predictive Value of Alexithymia: A Prospective Study in Somatizing Patients

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    Review of APA Statistical Guidelines: "Predictive Value of Alexithymia: A Prospective Study in Somatizing Patients"      The August 1999 article in the American Psychologist discusses proper statistical methods and how they should be utilized in journal articles. Using some of the guidelines put forth in the article, I will attempt to show the extent to which Bach & Bach (1995) follow these principles.      The article in question investigates

  • Hypochondriasis Research Papers

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    Somatoform disorders are a group of psychiatric disorders that cause unexplainable physical symptoms. The DSM IV lists the symptoms as weakness, seizures, or abnormal movements that are not attributable to a general medical condition or to feigning and that are judged to be associated with psychological factors. Hypochondriasis is defined as “an overwhelming fear that you have a serious disease, even though health care providers can find no evidence of illness” (University of Maryland Medical

  • The Ethical Issues Of The Undiagnosed Pain Scenario

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    physician is reliant on the patient’s perception of their pain to govern treatment. When such a pain management scenario is further complicated by clinical suspicion of substance abuse, especially in the setting of opioid analgesia, treatment is both medically and ethically complex (Novy, 2009). This case study attempts to address the

  • Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

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    NDAQ number A/601/8574 101 Know how to recognise signs of abuse Definition of physical abuse Physical abuse is non-accidental pain or injury inflicted on a service user by a health or care worker. This can include hitting, shaking, rough treatment or inappropriate use of restraint. Definition of Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse usually refers to any sexual activity that is unwanted and is inflicted by physical force or other methods of coercion such as threats or intimidation. Definition of Emotional/Psychological

  • Research Paper On Hypochondriasis

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    psychiatric medical condition identified by multiple medically unexplained physical symptoms. In other word, this is an illnesses that that occurs in the body without any apparent physical cause. In order to qualify for the diagnosis, physical complaints must be serious enough to interfere significantly with a person’s ability to perform important activities, such as work, school and responsibilities, or lead the person experiencing the symptoms to seek medical treatment. Under the condition of somatoform

  • Memories Of The Gulf War Syndrome

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    chronic multi symptom illness affecting 250,000 of the 697,000 1991 Desert Storm Gulf War veterans. Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans may also suffer from this syndrome. The Veterans Administration “refers to these illnesses as “chronic multi symptom illness” and “undiagnosed illnesses”. We prefer not to use the term “Gulf War Syndrome” when referring to medically unexplained symptoms reported by Gulf War veterans. Why? Because symptoms vary widely” (Gulf War Veterans Medically Unexplained Illnesses

  • Epidemic Definition

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    post-industrialized settings. The addition of the article “Trauma and loss as determinants of medically unexplained epidemic illness in a Bhutanese refugee camp (2001)” to the course would provide students with an example of somatic illness in a setting where it is less studied and understood. In “Trauma and loss as determinants

  • Identifiable Sick Role

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    Many people report pain in the body that cannot be diagnosed by medical doctors. These reports of ‘unknown illness’ questions credibility of doctors and ultimately if the patient is legitimately sick. These illnesses are called termed M-medically U-unexplained S-symptoms. The following study which was done in Denmark gives a view about modern-day sociological