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  • Medication Error

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    1. Critical analysis of an issue in the clinical area a) My topic is Medication Error. b) I choose this topic because during my experiences in clinical area as well my experience in Hospital where I worked, I have came across different types of medication errors which involve patients and this could be a cause for serious problems to patients and in some cases will lead to death. It is a serious matter. Also drug error can have bad effect on nurses, both personally and professionally. C) Problems

  • Medication Administration Errors Essay

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    fast-paced and demanding field of heath care, medication administration has become complex and time-consuming task. Approximately one-third of the nurses’ time is used in medication administration. There is much potential for error because of the complexity of the medication administration process. Since nurses are the last ones to actually administer the medication to the patient therefore they become responsible for medication administration errors (MAE). Reasons for MAE may include individual

  • Medication Errors Common Type Of Medical Error

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    Medication errors commonly occur in healthcare facilities. According to the Joint Commission, these medication errors are believed to be the most common type of medical error and are a significant cause of preventable adverse events (The Joint Commission, 2008). Many experts agree with the research that medication errors have the potential to cause harm within the pediatric population about three times as higher than in the adult population. This is due to medication dosing errors that are weight-based

  • Medication Errors In Research Essay

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    Two words any nurse dreads to hear is ‘medication error’, knowing that potential harm has been or could have been caused to a patient from a simple mistake. The Texas Board of Nursing (TBON, n.d.) describes medication errors as an “inappropriately prescribed, dispensed, or administered” medication causing a circumstances or events that have the ability to cause harm (Position Statement 15.17). Director of medical and surgical unit, R. Crowdis, stated each healthcare institute have their own policies

  • Methods for Mitigating Medication Errors

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    safety and medication administration and its impact on providing effective care, especially to the elderly. Anytime a patient is to receive a medication, several checks must be taken in order to ensure that the patient receives not only the appropriate type but also the correct dose. This is of utmost importance with regard to high-risk medications, such as warfarin. As a mainstream drug that is used for the treatment and prevention of coagulation in the blood, any medication error can be potentially

  • The Significance Of Decreasing Medication Errors

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    The Significance of Decreasing Medication Errors to Increase Patient Safety Tabytha-Dwan Chekelelee Baker University The Significance of Decreasing Medication Errors to Increase Patient Safety Patient safety is of high importance in the healthcare field. Medication errors are still of great concern in the healthcare setting. These errors are only one of many safety concerns. Medication errors occur often enough to be problematic, causing researchers to try to find

  • Medication Error And Medication Errors

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    Medication error Medication error is one of the biggest problems in the healthcare field. Patients are dying due to wrong drug or dosage. Medication error is any preventable incident that leads to inappropriate medication use or harms the patient while the medication is in the control of the health care professional,or patient (U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2015). It is estimated about 44,000 inpatients die each year in the United States due to medication errors which were indeed preventable

  • Education Medication Error : The United State, Health Care System

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    Education medication error The United State, health care system wastes approximately 700 billion dollars yearly on systematic inefficiencies such as unnecessary procedures, frauds, administrative practices and errors ( Plonien, 2013). Medication administration error differs across the literature, it may be defined as a preventable event or deviation from procedures, policies and/or best practices that may result to inappropriate desired outcome in a patient. The vast majority of medication error occurs

  • Medication Errors

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    Medication Errors: A Literature Review your name here Pharmacology 2 teachers name here September 17 2008 The American Society of Hospital Pharmacists define a medication error as “episodes of drug misadventure that should be preventable through effective systems controls involving pharmacists, physicians and other prescribers, nurses, risk management personnel, legal counsel, administrators, patients and others in the organizational setting, as well as regulatory agencies and the

  • Medication Error

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    STUDY OVERVIEW OF NURSES RESPONSIBILITY IN MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION Providing care for the patient is the responsibility of nurses. Nurses are the one who are close with patients. They are responsible and accountable to make sure that the treatments and needs of patient are fulfilled. Medication administration is a part of the nurses’ responsibility in order to make sure clients get the correct medication as supposed. Medication administration error is a universal health care concern.Thus