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  • Medici Family Influence

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    The Medici Family was an Italian banking family, they became a political dynasty and later on a royal house, that family started to gather prominence under Cosimo de’ Medici In the republic of Florence in Italy during the 14th century. The family was from the Mugello region of the Tuscan countryside, they were gradually rising until they fund the bank that was called the Medici Bank. The Medici Bank was the largest in europe during the 15th century, we can see that the Medici gained political power

  • The Medici Family During the Renaissance Essays

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    At first, Giovanni was not wealthy. His family had very little money. After his mother’s death, due to his current financial situation, Giovanni’s cousin, Vieri di Cambio de’ Medici employed Giovanni and his brother, Francesco to work at his bank. In 1385, he was married off to Piccarda Bueri, who was the mother of Cosimo and Lorenzo. Following his marriage, he

  • Influences of the Medici Family During the Renaissance

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    The Medici family really helped Florence become the main city of the Renaissance. At one point, sienna would have been the main city because people believed that just looking at their city was like art. Just looking at the city made someone shiver. Siena had a few things that it could offer but nothing like what Florence had to offer. Although Siena was an advanced city at the end of the Middle Ages Florence surpassed it to become the center of the Renaissance mostly due to the Medici family. At

  • The Importance of the Medici Family in the Italian Renaissance

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    Importance of the Medici Family The Italian Renaissance would not be possible if it were not for the wealthy noble families of the Italian Republics. Thanks to the ideal of patronage, nobles funded the artists, architects, and the sciences the Renaissance period of Europe spurred on the resurgence of European driven advances not seen seen since the Classical Era. While there were many Italian noble families that took on patrons, none were as good for the Renaissance as the Medici family of the Florentine

  • The Medici Families: The Renaissance Medici Family

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    The Medici family rose to power through banking. Eventually they would rise so high and become so rich, they became the banker to the Papacy. Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici established that relationship in 1418. As the families wealth rose, their power was solidified. Their reign was strong, but not completely uncontested. At the time, Florence’s people all protested devout Catholicism. While the Medici family seemed to be very devout, some of their rivals

  • The Rise And Decline Of The Medici Family In The Renaissance Er The Renaissance Case Study

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    “The Medici family supported the artists of the Renaissance era by providing them financial support, throughout mentorship and because of the prevailing philosophy and humanism.” This investigation will focus on the background of the Medici family and how they supported artists of the Renaissances era. This investigation will use a primary source from an artist's work and a secondary source relating to the Medici family uprising.San Lorenzo (church). Medici chapel. Tomb of Lorenzo de' Medici which

  • The Medici Family Influence

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    The Medici family were a very wealthy banking family in Florence at the time of the Renaissance (1400-1500). The word Renaissance means ‘rebirth’ of interest in ancient Greece and Rome archaeological excavations, time of optimism, excitement in the potential of human beings and the Medici family proved to incorporate this into their life. They married into the royal family and the ruled Florence for over 500 years. Giovanni de Bicci founded the Medici fortune in 1397. He had two sons, Cosimo and

  • Machiavelli's New Princedoms Vs. Medici Family

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    The Prince contains twenty-six Chapters in which Machiavelli attempts to gained favor from the Medici family. Chapters one and two contains subject matter focuses on New Princedoms. In the first sentence, Machiavelli effectively uses the word “state” in order to set the tone for the chapters to follow. Machiavelli explains that the “state” covers “all forms of organizations of power, whether republican or princely.” Machiavelli nots in Chapter one that it is much easier to rule over hereditary state

  • Thriving Generations Of The House Of Medici

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    Generations of the House of Medici The Renaissance was an essential time period in European history, which occurred roughly between 1300 and 1600 in Florence, Italy. During this epoch, attributes of the Renaissance, such as Classical humanism and an upbringing of political life spread throughout Western Europe. Moreover, out of the 50,000 people in Florence, around 100 families have influenced the Renaissance’s attributes; the most notable of these being the Medici family (Fiero 377-378). Beginning

  • The Medici Influence and the Italian Renaissance Essay

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    A post Middle Age Italy was afflicted by medieval wars and the bubonic plague. A change was needed to restore the vision of what Italy could become. This change was found within one family: the Medici’s, who helped to return the glory and influence to Florence. The Medici’s saw the value in contributing to the advancement of the greatest minds of the period. This was evident in their patronage of leading Artists such as Michelangelo and of renowned Teachers such as Galileo. The sphere of influence