Medullary cavity

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  • Essay on Some Fact About The Prolific Theories of Bone Growth Anatomy

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    prolific theories of bone growth anatomy. Duhamel proved, in 1742, that the bone is first formed in the periosteum and grows in superposing layers. Hunter, through his experiments showed that bone grows in length by juxtaposing layers and the medullary cavity (Trabecular bone) grows by resorption of inner layers of bone. He also showed that the ends of the bones show remodeling via cycles of bone formation and resorption. Duhamel du Monceau used madder dye, an extract of the root of Rubia tincterium

  • Physical Reflection : The Embryology Of The Pleura

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    Embryology of the pleura Derivation all body cavities from the coelom derived from primitive mesoderm and lined with mesothelium – same origin as pericardium and peritoneum – all at risk from primary mesothelioma Surface anatomy of the pleura The surface marking of the lung represents the markings of the visceral pleura. The apex of the lung extends convexly upwards to a distance of approximately 2.5 cm above the junction of the medial and intermediate thirds of the clavicle. The anterior border

  • Importance And Importance Of Physical Examination

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    1 build a relationship with your doctor 2.1 Significance in personal life: It is very useful in our personal life as physical examination includes all the basic assessment which can give you an idea about your own health. It is also very beneficial in terms of assessing your family members when they are in need or sick. This examination also helps you to maintain your and your family’s health in terms of your growth and development which includes BMI, Nutritional guidance etc. 2.2 Significance

  • Boer Cross Buck Kid : An Infection Of Eastern Equine In A Rural County Of North Florida

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    hemorrhage in any of the organs of the abdominal cavity. Grossly, the liver, spleen, kidney, bladder, lymph nodes and glands, and the vascular structures all appeared to be normal. The rumen was incised and a sample was collected for possible analysis of toxins however, the ingesta was consistent with the known diet of the entire herd. The diaphragm was incised allowing the lungs to collapse. The rib cage was removed to facilitate examination of the thoracic cavity. The orientation of the thoracic organs

  • Symptoms And Treatments Of Post Surgery Essay

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    Post surgery, Angela’s head will be bandaged in order to reduce swelling and bruising. A drainage tube is usually inserted behind her ear to prevent fluid and blood collection under the skin. Pain medication is prescribed and used as needed; she may also use a soft icepack. Two weeks post procedure she will experience numbness, swelling and skin discoloration. The incisions and dressings must be kept dry until the surgeon indicates otherwise. She should keep her head elevated and immobile for the

  • Physioex 8.0 Respiratory Lab Essay

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    The total airflow was reduced by one half. What do you think would happen if the two lungs were in a single large cavity instead of separate cavities? Both lungs would collapse when the thoracic wall was punctured if the two lungs were in a single cavity instead of individual cavities. Did the deflated lung reinflate? Explain. The lungs did not reinflate when the valve was closed. In addition to closing off the opening to the atmosphere, the

  • Definition Of Anatomy And The Complexity Of The Human Body

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    1. What is homeostasis? Why is it so important? Homeostasis is maintaining constant internal conditions regardless of changing external conditions. It is important because it is the key to survival as without it the body would come to equilibrium with its environment which would result in death. 2. What is the definition of anatomy? Describe the various methods used to study anatomy. Anatomy is the study of structure and what makes up all the pieces parts of the human body. The easiest way to

  • Galanz

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    Galanz This case talks about the development path of Galanz from a down product factory to the leader in microwave ovens industry. Galanz was founded in 1978 by Liang Zhaoxian's father, headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong province. It was originally a township enterprise employing a few workers dealing in the trading of down feather products, but after many years development, it was switched to the electrical appliance business with the introduction of microwave oven. Because of its right marketing

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Allergic Rhinitis

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    INTRODUCTION Allergic rhinitis is a symptomatic disorder of the nose induced after exposure to allergens through IgE-mediated hypersensitivity reactions, which are characterized by four cardinal symptoms of watery rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction, nasal itching and sneezing. An increasing prevalence of allergic diseases has been observed all over the world during the last decades. Allergic rhinitis adversely affects emotional well-being and social functions of the patient

  • Drug Delivery Via The Nasal Route

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    painlessly self-administered by the patient (Illum, 2003). Drugs administered through nasal route are absorbed rapidly and can reach therapeutically effective plasma levels quickly due to highly permeable membranes and rich vasculature of the nasal cavity (Majithiya et al., 2006). In addition, the nasal route offers further advantages over the oral route, especially for those drugs that have poor oral bioavailability due to high hepatic first-pass metabolism, pH instability and enzyme degradation in