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  • Essay On Meghalaya

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    serene raindrops? If your answer is yes than Meghalaya is your absolute dreamland. The Sanskrit word “Meghalaya” is defined as “Abode of Clouds”. A small state in the lap of northeastern part of the India, which is blessed with natural beauty, green carpeted mountains and landscapes. These factors make Meghalaya picturesque destination that attracts tourists from India and all around the world. Do you love road trips on a bike? Then you must know Meghalaya is a famous biking destination in India. It

  • Matrilineal System Of The Khasi

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    Introduction The Khasi is one of the tribes living in Meghalaya state of North-East India. This tribe draws much attention of the sociologists, because this tribe practices matrilineal system characterized in terms of marriage, inheritance of property and matrilocal post-marital residence and other social relations. This is rare in other society. It is commonly believed that the status of women in matrilineal society is higher as compared to that of patrilineal society. This can be seen in terms

  • Environmental Impact On The Environment Essay

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    a serious danger to the ecosystem, causing in decrease of forest cover, loss of soil at a larger scale, polluting the air, water and land and lessening in biodiversity Coal extraction has been practiced very effectively in all the districts of Meghalaya, northeast India as a result of this practice , the original greenery, hills covered with lush green scenery have now been transformed to mine spoils.

  • Khasty And Women : Development Of The Law On Property

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    More than fifty per cent of the women surveyed said that they were not interested in electoral politics. Almost all villagers said "Basically, women think that politics is not their cup of tea". Although society in Meghalaya is theoretically matriarchal, in practice men have all the economic power and therefore men have the ability to control politics. Since women do not have economic power, they lack confidence to step into politics. Even now, the village councils or

  • Tribes of India

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    first part of India to welcome the morning sun. Tripura - explore the princely traditions of, Nagaland - famous for the tribal crafts and culture, Mizoram - enjoy the exquisite bamboo and cane souvenirs, Manipur - luxuriate in the marionette dance, Meghalaya- recline in the picturesque vista of the abode of the clouds. All is adding to its charisma. A varied number of tribes and tribal groups each with its own distinct culture inhabit the region of northeast India. Many tribal languages are spoken

  • The Oral Tradition Of Khasi

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    Introduction In the early days of civilization, before written records were made, oral traditions were necessarily important. Such pre-literate societies relied on oral transmission to propagate their customs and traditions. A conscious choice has been made in the choice of words for the title of this paper regarding the use of oral tradition as opposed to oral transmission, the reason being that the language in focus is Khasi. Khasi belongs to the Austroasiatic language family, a large language

  • Garo Tribe

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    Garo people The Garos are a tribal people in Meghalaya, India and neighboring areas of Bangladesh, who call themselves A·chik Mande (literally "hill people," from a·chik "hill" + mande "people") or simply A·chik or Mande.[1] They are the second-largest tribe in Meghalaya after theKhasi and comprise about a third of the local population. The Garo community is one of the major tribes in Bangladesh. According to the history books, the Garo tribe entered Bangladesh in the first century. They were refugees

  • Supreme Court Has Now Rendered A Landmark Decision On Art.356

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    BOMMAI CASE:- The Supreme Court has now rendered a landmark decision on Art.356(1) in S.R. Bommai v. India. The case arose in the context of the following facts. In 1989, the Janata Dal Ministry headed by Shri S.R. Bommai was in office in Karnataka. A number of members defected from the party and there arose a question mark on the majority support in the House for the Bommai’s Ministry. The Chief Minister proposed to the Governor that the Assembly session be called to test the strength of the Ministry

  • Case Study On Colgate

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    Q7-What are the most critical problems? How does the distributor of Colgate settle the issues? A7- Mr. Shah said that till date there haven’t been any major issues with Colgate. Even if they arise then the people from the company are wise enough to sit down and deal with the matter. Q8-If we want the retailers to sell a new brand-how will they decide to keep the brand in the store or not? Will the retailer make efforts to push our new brand? What would they take for extra effort? A8- The retailer

  • The Causes And Factors For The Trafficking Essay

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    ROOT CAUSES OF TRAFFICKING Causes and the factors for the trafficking are diverse among nation to another nation. It includes various social, economic and cultural factors. There are some common factors like the gender wise more girls are trafficked for forced sexual exploitation which is seen in many nations. Poverty, armed conflicts, political unrest, lacking enforcement of human rights and natural disasters etc will increase the trafficking of human. War and