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  • Tanking In The NBA

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    One big trade that really helped the Memphis Grizzlies was when the acquired Pau Gasol’s draft rights from the Atlanta Hawks. Gasol went on to play six and a half season with the Grizzlies, scoring over 17 points per game in each season. He also made the All-Star team, and led Memphis to a pair of playoff berths. Many teams look for these types of draft-day trades to improve their squad for the next season.

  • The League 's Best Center For The Past Seasons

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    1. DeMarcus Cousins- Sacramento Kings DeMarcus Cousins has been the league’s best center for the past few seasons. Night in and night out, Cousins produces at an All-Star caliber level. Unfortunately he hasn’t been recognized for immense talent due to the ineptitude of the franchise he plays for (yeah, I’m looking at you Sacramento). Last season was Cousins’ best, he finished the year with per game averages of 26.9 points (4th in the league), 11.5 rebounds (5th in the league), and 1.4 blocks. He

  • Memphis Grizzlies Economic Impact

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    In 2010 there was a study conducted by Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce to determine what the economic impact of the Memphis Grizzlies and the FedEx Forum was on the economy of the greater Memphis area. A professional sports team such as the Memphis Grizzlies is going to aid the community in increasing the revenue of the local economy. Games or concerts at the arena will draw in individuals from outside of the area who will buy such things as food, luxuries, or hotel rooms, which directly impact

  • Allen Iverson Accomplishments

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    By Bailey Grimm When someone names tiny guards in the NBA they name Nate Tiny Archibald they name Isaiah Thomas and they name Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson arguably the best tiny guard in the NBA and the best player to never receive a ring. Now things weren’t all great for Mr. Iverson in his life as a child or even in his career, his career had his ups in downs from high school, college, and the pros. But he did have his shine and influence from the way he changed the guard position

  • Narrative Essay About Being Jewish

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    Insert Title Sometimes I wonder what it’s like not to know. Not to know that you have something in common with only 15 million other people around the globe. Not to know that no matter what you do, you’re different. Not to know that people want to kill you for what you believe. Well, now I know what it’s like. What it’s like to be Jewish. My story begins a day before it happened. In hindsight, I remember that day vividly. The baby blue sky was filled with rolling mountains of white. Birds chirped

  • Compare And Contrast Memphis Grizzlies And San Antonio

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    The Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs series is now tied at 2 going back to the Alamo. If you missed Game 4, then you are just plain out of your mind. Not only was it the best game of the series, but it was the best game of the entire playoffs. Very entertaining action. The two heavyweights went back and forth in a slugfest that went into overtime.Grizzlies won 110-108. Memphis had a good lead towards the end of the 4th quarter until Kawhi Leonard channeled his The Memphis Grizzlies and San

  • Martin Luther King's Speech And I Have A Dream Speech Analysis

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    Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and King George VI’s wartime speech are equally well-written and spoken, while both having distinctive presentations, type of speech, and effect on society. The first comparison between “I Have a Dream” speech and the King’s wartime speech is that they served for different situations and how Marin Luther King’s delivery was more powerful. The purpose of MLK’s speech was to call for the end racism in America to push for Civil Rights. In doing so, MLK’s

  • The Importance Of Religion In Martin Luther King Jr.

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    Martin Luther King Jr. knew from an early age how important religion was for his family. King came from a family of preachers, his father and grandfather, who helped lead him to also being a preacher. King went to college for theology and continued his academic career by earning a doctorate degree in theological studies. These degrees will help guide King in his writings and speeches. King uses religion to prove the point on why the protests are not a bad thing to the audience of the eight clergymen

  • Martin Luther King Charismatic People

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    I can prove that MLK was one of the best charismatic people of his time. Did you know that Martin Luther King JR was shot and killed in a hotel in Memphis? Martin Luther King is one of the best motivators of his time, with words like, don’t judge someone by the color of their skin, but by the actions that they choose to make. MLK (Martin Luther King JR) was a shooting star, that actually makes dreams come true, you only see that once in a lifetime. First, MLK was one of those people who knew education

  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Often times it is said that “History repeats itself.” Never before has the struggle for equal rights and dignities amongst marginalized groups born such a resemblance to those waged in the name of equality in the past. Martin Luther King, Jr., an activist and leader for the Civil Rights Movement, drafted a powerful letter from the Birmingham Jail where he was imprisoned as a participant in nonviolent demonstrations against segregation. The letter was intended to be a response to a public statement