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  • Burnout : Mental Health Professionals

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    studied in various mental health workers, including; case managers, psychologist, psychotherapist, social workers, rehabilitation counselor, and intensive care workers. Due to the nature of the field and high involvement with the others, mental health workers are likely to experience burnout (Sangganjanavanich & Balkin, 2010). Multiple job duties can cause unnecessary stress within the work environment when daily task is not managed properly among mental health professionals. In a survey completed

  • Mental Health Professionals

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    study, it has cast doubt in the reader’s mind about mental health professionals. Are they really helping the mentally ill or are they just doing a job for financial gain? The mental health professionals in those institutions did not recognize that these patients were not mentally ill; but the mentally ill residents observed that they were all sane. This example is the reason why excuses have no place in medicine, and that most mental health professionals do not give an in-depth evaluation of a person

  • Mental Health Counselors: Commitment To Other Professionals

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    Section 2: Commitment to Other Professionals Mental health counselors take other professional’s feelings and needs into consideration. Counselors respect the obligations of other organizations and institutions. They treat other professionals with the same respect as they do with clients. Counselors work with others whenever necessary in cooperation to benefit the welfare of clients. When counselors are not competent in an area, they refer clients to a professional who has the competency to serve

  • The Experience Of A Professional Mental Health Counselor

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    talking to a Professional Mental Health Counselor was very informative on October 19, 2015, I had a chance to meet K.W. she is a License Professional Counselor in Mental Health that holds her (LCPC) for the last ten (10) years. Ms. K.W. also holds her Therapist license in the arena of counseling for the last past six (6) years were her services of care is Mental Health, and Addiction Counseling were her population is men and women that struggles with addiction problems and mental health that is called

  • Confidentiality And Confidentiality Between A Patient And A Mental Health Professional Essay

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    relationship can be defined as any communication, diagnosis, or treatment between a patient and a mental health professional. Confidentiality and trust are critical components of a good therapeutic relationship therefore, it is imperative that mental health professionals thoroughly explain the meaning of confidentiality and disclosure clauses to their potential clients. Mental health professionals are often faced with the decision of having to breach confidentiality. Unfortunately, they sometimes

  • Therapeutic Relationship : Mental Health Professionals

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    informed consent to the nursing care. Giving information is one of the first steps of therapeutic process (Goss & Moretti, 2011). This is legally supported by the mental health act. According to s.11 of the Mental Health Act 2014 (Vic), a patient with mental illness must be involved in decisions about their treatment, and the mental health nurse must respect his preferences. Therefore, the fact that Ben is a compulsory client must not hinder his right to an informed consent. Hence, the nurse must ensure

  • Client Information And Agreement : Helping Professionals Community Mental Health Center Essay

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    Module Five Assignment Ben Walker Aspen University PAC-415 Healthcare Ethics Professor Colin Campbell November 7, 2016 Client Information And Agreement Helping Professionals Community Mental Health Center 409 E. Cholla St., Tucson Arizona 86709 Ben Walker SAT Helping Professionals Community Mental Health Center (HPCMHC) will be providing you with counseling services and I, Ben Walker am your assigned Substance Abuse Technician (SAT). In this document you will be informed about the

  • Mental Health Professional : Carol Mcclelland Of Freedom House Recovery Center

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    Mental Health Professional The mental health professional I interviewed was Carol McClelland of Freedom House Recovery Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Carol has worked with Freedom House for a year as the directory of outpatient services and is licensed as a LPC, LPCS, LCAS, CCS, and MA. Carol’s job requires her to be responsible for the direct oversight of all clinical operations and clinical integrity for outpatient services at Freedom House. The hours of operation are Monday through

  • The Role and the Relationship Between Professionals and Lay Persons in the Process of Civil Admissions Under the Mental Health Act 1983

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    The Role and the Relationship Between Professionals and Lay Persons in the Process of Civil Admissions Under the Mental Health Act 1983 The process of civil admissions under the Mental Health Act (MHA) 1983 may be viewed by civil libertarians as a violation of the individual’s freedom. The state’s justification for such a ‘violation’ is for the need to protect the individual concerned or to protect others in society. The Mental Health Act 1983 does not explicitly require that

  • Mental Health Professional Report

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    Examining The Effectiveness of Mindfulness with Mental Health Professionals Kia A. Watkins Adler University   Introduction Mental health issues continue to be a growing concern sweeping across many nations globally and domestically. Findings from the National Institutes of Mental Health (2013) illustrated that in 2013, in the United States, 43.8 million adults suffered from a mental illness. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (2006) mental illness and substance use disorders are the