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  • Mentos Experiment

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    MENTOS + SODA = ? Problem: Which brand of soda tested spews the most liquid when three Mentos are doped into a 2-liter of each brand? We know that the reaction between Mentos and soda is an explosion, but what we are trying to figure out is which brand causes the biggest reaction. Hypothesis: If three Mentos are dropped into a 2-liter of Diet Coke, Diet 7-Up, and Dr Thunder, then the Diet Coke will have the largest reaction to the Mentos. Materials: 1 pkg. Mint Mentos candies 2-liter

  • Mentos Lab

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    Introduction: The diet coke and Mentos experiment has been a favorite of amateur scientists, but how does it work? There have been debates, and scientists have concluded that the diet coke and Mentos is a physical reaction, called nucleation. Nucleation sites are areas that have high surface with low volume. Such places can be your fingerprint, scratches on glass, specks of dust, or even Mentos candy (Eepy Bird). Mentos candies have a pitted surface that’s rough when looked at through a microscope

  • Music And Dance Of The Caribbean

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    MUSI 1004 Term Project A. Video Review on the video of: “The JVC/ Smithsonian Folkways Video Anthology of Music and Dance of the Americas –Volume 4: Music and Dance of the Caribbean” In this video review, I am going to discuss the musical background and components observed in the video about the Music and Dance of the Caribbean from Latin America. On the background of Caribbean music: the Amerindians are the first people that have settled in the Caribbean and thus are the pioneers of Caribbean

  • Tic Tac 's Brand Recognition Essay

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    The Ferrero Group has a successful and popular product (Tic Tac) that has remained a top competitor in the breath mint industry. They have been able to remain competitive by upgrading their product throughout the years. Tic Tac 's brand recognition began in 1969 and The Ferrero Group started to introduce new flavors in the 1970s. In the 1980s, to keep up with the health craze, they marketed Tic Tac as "The 1 1/2 Calorie Breath Mint". They would also introduce many other flavors over the next 20 years

  • Should They Stay or Should They Go?: A Look at Zero-Tolerance Policies in Schools

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    Who hasn’t heard of the Columbine shooting, where in the spring of 1999 in Littleton, Colorado over a dozen people where killed and many others were wounded at the hands of two students? Or even more recently, who does not know about the Virginia Tech massacre where a single student killed thirty-two people and wounded over twenty more? University of Texas, California State University, San Diego State University, the list of school violence is long and heart-breaking. Students and teachers have lost

  • Tic Tac Marketing Strategy

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    Tic Tac is one of the largest breath mint market, which has been there in the industry for more than 50 years now. Their product line is far away the most sold in the world due to their bigger and multiple factories and employees worldwide. As stipulated in the article, in 1969, Tic Tac gave to their customers the catchy jingle which was a huge success. In the 1970s, they extended their product line by adding the cinnamon-flavored red mints and the tangerine-flavored orange mints. The Ferrero group

  • Soda And Mentos Experiment

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    The reaction of the mentos being put in the soda causes a chemical reaction. This happens because of the porous surface that creates a lot of bubble growth, then the carbon dioxide bubbles grows to rapidly form on the surface of the Mentos making the soda to then erupt. Based on the research the more mentos that are put in the bigger the reaction will get and the higher the bubbles will go. Also the more caffeine in 2-liter bottle creates a bigger reaction between the mentos and the soda. If it is

  • Chemical Reaction Of Mentos

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    The scope of this paper is to explain the reaction that takes place when Mentos are dropped into Diet Coke. This experiment is used frequently because of what happens when the candy meets the soda. A geyser is formed that shoots out of the bottle that resembles a volcanic eruption. Due to the similarity, it is also used for volcano projects. Depending on the alterations to the Mentos and/or Diet Coke, the geyser can either go much higher or much lower than normal. This reaction has produced much

  • Diet Coke And Mentos Experiment

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    Diet Coke and Mentos Final Experiment Directions: Design your own experiment to test some variable of the Diet Coke and Mentos lab. Identify one variable that you will change and test – this will be your Independent Variable. Independent Variable: ____Amount Of Mentos__________________________________ Dependent Variable: __________________Geyser Height (feet)____________________ Problem: How is the height of the geyser affected by the number of mentos added to the Coke? Hypothesis (Use

  • Coke And Mentos Research Paper

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    have probably seen the coke and Mentos experiments on the internet and wondered “what causes for the explosion to happen?” You might think that Mentos has something in it that might cause the explosion, but it actually has a lot of sugar on it, with a very rough surface (microscopically). Because of this It give a Mentos plenty of nucleation sites, which means, that the bubbles, or carbonation, has something to attach. Though one might think the explosion from a Mentos dropped into a soda is a chemical