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  • The Importance Of Weather In Merced

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    one part which made my research unique and interesting for me, because people don’t really care about the weather, as long as it isn't too terrifying as a hurricane, so no one cares. To be honest, the weather in Merced is weird and unpredictable. One of the reason is that the land of Merced city is flat and grassy.

  • Merced Urban Environment

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    To begin, Merced, a part of the San Joaquin Valley, sits in the center of California. Its six cities; Atwater, Livingston, Los Banos, Gustine, Dos Palos, and the city of Merced create a medium-sized mainly rural area that is vacant of much industrial life. As of 2015, it has a reported population of 268,455 residents (Data USA, 2017). Most of the population is from Hispanic or Latino origin. The population is then followed by White and Asian groups as the second largest population group, followed

  • Essay about Modern Photograph and Realism

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    In 1979 Stephen Shore, "Merced River, Yosemite National Park,” 1930 Walker Evans, "Factory street in Amsterdam, New York,” and in 1941 Dorothea Lange, "Road on the Great White Plains,” these three photographers transformed their landscape photographs into their own distinctive significance through the expression of realism, a movement in modern photography. Shore transforms a common place to an escape, Evans documents the effects of one of the most important historical periods in American social

  • Hewlett-Packards Merced Division

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    software applications development had become more costly because of the RISC/UNIX volume base and the need to port software to each UNIX version. Considering the above factors, HP joined with Intel in development of IA-64 architecture. Merced is the code name for the IA-64 architecture and was designed to perform an Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing or EPIC. It was designed to bridge between RISC and CISC.HP believed that customers who watched Intel technologies become pervasive

  • UC Merced Incident Summary

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    November 4, 2015 at approximately 0800 PST a UC Merced California college student wielding a knife caused harm and fear during morning classes. Ultimately the attacker wounded four people before police arrived and were forced to use deadly force to stop the attacker. The attacker later died from the wounds sustained. The quick police response was a result of the college having its own police officers on campus. As a result of the incident UC Merced will have counselors available to help with all

  • Preservation Of Yosemite Valley : The Rise Of The Sierra Nevada

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    The Central Valley is occupied by many beautiful places and sceneries that many people do not realize how this came to be. One of the most astonishing places in the Central Valley is Yosemite Valley where the rise of the Sierra Nevada occurred. The preservation of Yosemite Valley is one of the reasons why this astounding scenic view still exists today. The formation of Yosemite Valley took place many years ago and not a lot has changed since this formation in recent years. Many people saw how beautiful

  • Yosemite National Park Visit

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    At Yosemite National Park I got a chance to truly experience the nature and wildlife around me. The Merced River ran through the valley, and I could hear the sound of the rushing water from far away. I could hear the whistle of the wind and the birds chirping from high up in the trees. The vivid colors of the flowers there were incredible. On top of Pride Rock, there was a splendid view of famous landmarks including the Half Dome. From OMG Point the view of the valley below was absolutely breathtaking

  • Merced Community Benefit Analysis

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    grant and seed for the volunteer. As a Merced resident, I found out the solution to achieve the native plants and trees by applying for the volunteer in order to grant money and seeds from other private supporters. Since those supporters offer everything for people to do so, why don’t people accept those offers? With that in mind, since the native plants and trees are highly expensive than usual, the support from free grants and seeds could be the solution for Merced people to restoring the native plants

  • Becoming A Store Manager At Merced

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    manager at Merced. I had to choose between moving to a different city and starting a new life by myself, or quitting to become a full-time student in college. Saying yes or no to the position in Merced was very difficult because I thought about other job opportunities I could receive if I finish school. What also worried me was the colleges I was going to work with. Family was an issue too because I rely on my parent a lot. So it was hard for me. I never thought choosing between moving to Merced to become

  • UC Merced Database Analysis

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    question, learned how to explore the UC Merced database, and how to create the direction for my research question. All of this new acquired information will help me at the end when I am doing my final assignments and connecting my research question. The librarian from the library taught me how to use the databases by demonstrating the locations of where to search or conduct research. She taught me this by pointing out where to find articles and how the UC Merced databases connect to many other types