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  • Case Study On College

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    session, so Carolyn would feel comfortable expressing herself around me. I believe that meeting one-to-one with Carolyn was particularly beneficial since I had the opportunity to better get to know her and her journey of how she ended up as a Merrimack College business major. As I continued to ask her questions about her academics, I was better able to understand how her perceptions and social life might be contributing to her academic success, which allowed me to help her develop different strategies

  • Air Pollution Is A Serious Issue Across The Country

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    one source, which could be an electric power plant, or air pollution that occurs due to a location being inside of a valley, which can be seen famously in Los Angeles, California. A more local issue can be seen within the Merrimack County of New Hampshire where along the Merrimack River the surrounding communities are at a disadvantage due to being inside of a valley. Due to the communities being inside of a valley much of the air pollution has no way to escape at a relatively fast rate, thus causing

  • Personal Statement : Assignment On College Student Development

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    College Student Development: Assignment 2 While most of my work in my fellowship is focused around the needs of commuter, graduate, transfer, and veteran students, I have gotten the opportunity to serve on a few student conduct cases in my spare time. In one of the cases I served on this past week, I interacted with a student who had been accused of being in the residence halls on a weekend, which he was forbidden from after receiving a sanction for a previous violation in the last academic year

  • Reflection Paper

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    effect on his college experience this semester. The issues the student brought up as to how his experience has changed since receiving this sanction barring him from the residence halls on weekends resonated with Schlossberg’s Transition Theory, which discusses how certain events can have a significant effect on relationships, routines, and roles. For instance, because the student could not be in the residence halls on weekends it was difficult for him to spend time with his college friends and girlfriend

  • Merrimack Research Paper

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    favorite thing about Merrimack? a. My favorite thing about Merrimack is the close-knit community. I love being able to walk to my classes or just around campus and seeing all of my friends and other people that I know. The community at Merrimack is the reason that I choose to attend Merrimack and is one of the major reasons that I became involved in the clubs that I have. I believe that the Merrimack community is the reason that many of the prospective students choose to attend Merrimack. 2. What is your

  • My Personal Experience : My Favorite Year Of College

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    As I think back to my spring semester of my junior year, I think I will always remember it as my favorite semester of college. While I was only three semesters away from completing my degree, I started taking classes for the sociology minor I declared in the previous semester, which I had been pretty excited about. I also had the chance to have some time away from my new coach, which allowed me to reevaluate things and see what I could do going forward. It was through my time away from him that

  • Immigrating And The United States

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    I was 13-14 years old. My mother moved a few months later. I moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts and applied to college at UMass Lowell and Merrimack College. I was encouraged to apply to a Community College because it was cheaper but I never liked the idea of a two years college for then transfer to another school. However, I started as a Biology major and pre-med student in Merrimack College but then had to transfer to UMass Lowell before my second semester. I moved because it was an expensive school

  • The Importance Of Student Cognitive Development

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    feel most connected to. Furthermore, when students transition into the college environment, their vulnerability makes connections particularly important, as they look for someone who will validate and support them throughout their collegiate careers. When thinking about all the support I had during high school from my parents, guidance counselors, friends, or community to enroll in college after graduating, it seemed as if college was the only option that was available to me. However, the mixed messages

  • The University Of Massachusetts Lowell

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    including 5 physical campuses and one online campus. Located on over 125 acres of land right along the Merrimack River and in the middle of historic Lowell, it currently hosts 17,000 students in five different colleges. The Manning School of Business, The College of Health Sciences, The Francis college of engineering, The College of Fine Arts Humanities and Health Sciences, The Kennedy College of Sciences and the Graduate School of Education. Umass Lowell is highly rated on Return on Investment especially

  • Compare And Contrast Sports And Tinkerbells

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    352). Mercyhurst and Merrimack College were ahead of Never Land spending $13,109,697 and 10,393,354 respectively while having almost twice the number of student-athletes (N.A., 2016). The Tinkerbells spent an average of $25,245.95 per student athlete, which was almost $5,000 more