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  • Comparing the Treatment of Madness in The Bell Jar and The Yellow Wallpaper

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    traumatic events which trigger a decline to pressure from more vast, impersonal sources. Generally speaking, writers have tried to show that most threats to sanity comprise a combination of long-term and short-term factors - the burning of the library in Mervyn Peake's novel 'Titus Groan' precipitated Lord Sepulchrave's descent into madness, but a longer term problem can be discerned in the weight of tradition which caused him to worry 'that with him the line of Groan should

  • Essay on Arthur Mervyn

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    Charles Brockden Brown's novel, Arthur Mervyn, has been read by people across America from the late eighteenth century up until today. Brown targeted many audiences in this novel but there is one in particular that not only had an impact on people then, but can still captivate many in today's society. That specific group involves people who are fighting an incurable illness, such as the Yellow Fever, as described in the book. Although it was written in the late 1700's, people in the twenty-first

  • The Occult in A Tale of the Ragged Mountains

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    The Occult in A Tale of the Ragged Mountains     In his collection of criticism on Poe's stories, Thompson discusses the use of the occult in "A Tale of the Ragged Mountains." He begins the article by explaining that this story might be the product of Poe's "fascination with, but detached attitudes toward, the pseudoscientific occultism of his age." He gives us some technical terms for the techniques that Poe uses in this story: "metempsychosis" is the transmigration of souls

  • Similarities And Differences Between Lord Of The Flies And The Bad Seed

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    Though 1954's Lord of The Flies and 1956's The Bad Seed seem like separate entities with their own differing interpretations of morals and ethics, upon closer analysis they may be more related than we realized. So the question begs to be asked: Just how similar are they? Do their differences make them separate or do the differences inadvertently drive the two together? First off, they both concentrate on vulgarity in humans, whether carried out by genetics and human character like the murderous Shirley

  • Characteristics Of Wieland

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    Charles Brockden Brown’s novel Wieland is characteristic of the American gothic, as it includes many elements of horror and suspense complete with an omnipresent sense of existential doom. What sets Wieland apart from other gothic novels of it’s time, is the way in which it carries a kind of political depth, reflecting upon some of the anxieties surrounding the construction of the Early Republic. Wieland is widely interpreted as an inherently political novel, as it paints a telling portrait of the

  • The Progress Of Romance By Defoe

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    Introduction "The Novel is a picture of real life and manners and of the time in which it is written. The Romance, in the lofty and elevated language, describes what never happened nor is likely to happen". ­ Clara Reev, The Progress of Romance, 1785. The term novel is derieved from an Itaian word novella, a devised prose narrative of substantial length deals imaginatively with human experiences through a string of events in a particural setting. In the 19th Century, the novel became the central

  • Case Study: Critical Mass, Adelaide

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    Critical Mass, Adelaide’s new indie based game development company, recently garnered $80,000 from a successful 'Kickstarter' campaign. Their initial plan with the funds is to develop a new PC-based indie game, with the likely intention of shifting to console in the future. $69,000 of the campaign will cover shared office rent and the salaries of its staff over the course of 2 months, while the remaining $11,000 will be used for their IT needs. With limited paid and free software available at their