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  • The First Personal Digital Assistant

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    The first Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) was introduced to the American market by Apple in 1993. It was called the Apple Newton MessagePad. John Sculley, Apple’s then CEO coined the term “Personal Digital Assistant” specifically for this device. It was created to be just that – an “assistant” to the user. The Newton boasted handwriting recognition, plug-in memory cards, IR communications, and with the purchase of an additional modem Newton could also fax and send email (Zeldes 2005). It could

  • Apple : The World 's Most Valuable Brand

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    something completely new, with a new concept, technology and it was really easy to use. Although Apple has been a successful company and a leader in innovation for years, they have had some failures with certain products and services. Apple Newton MessagePad was one of them. This devices was consider one of the first PDA. An Apple Newton was basically a handheld communications assistant with a touch-screen. One of the main features was to translate handwriting into text. For many user was consider ahead

  • Handwriting Recognition And Its Recognition Essay

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    recognize it correctly and often suggests funny but incorrect phrases as the user wrote. Even though the limitation of the Calligrapher recognition partly contributed to the demise of MessagePad, Apple was able to rescue Newton during the release of the second generation OS (Newton 2.0 OS). This software brought the MessagePad back to the technology it was intended to be by introducing the new printed handwriting recognition engine. Professor Luckie, in his website that documents the evolution of Newton

  • Mobile Computing Is A Human Computer Interaction

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    keyboard. The term PDA was first used on January 7, 1992 by CEO of Apple computer John Sculley at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, which refers to the Apple Newton . In 1993, Apple introduced the Newton MessagePad at a price of $700. However, the Newton 's MessagePad was too big, complicated and expensive

  • Technology And The Technology Of Smartphones Essay

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    The world today is filled with all different type of smart phones and tablets. Technology is developing fast and we don’t know where this will leave web designers and developers and how will they proceed in the future. As attached to our phones we are its hard to imagine how young the technology of smartphones really are. In 1908 the first apparent wireless device came when Prof. Albert Jahnke and the Oakland Transcontinental Aerial Telephone and Power Company believed they had industrialized a

  • Communication-The Evolution Of The Cell Phone

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    Communication-The Evolution of the Cell Phone The importance of the Smart Phone Could you imagine going a day without your smart phone? It seems as though everyone now a days owns a smart phone. Smart phone have became rapidly advanced in such a short amount of time, with the competition between the two major smart phone companies Apple and Samsung competing to create a brand a new model every year with new features. The demand for smart phones is increasing and statistics show that more people

  • Apple Marketing Mix

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    0.0.0 Introduction Marketing Mix is a major theory in modern marketing that involves basically all that a corporation can utilize to persuade consumer perception auspiciously in favor of its products or its services, in order to meet organizational and consumer objectives. That is, marketing mix involves crafting and implementation of a marketing plan. In this assignment, I will discuss the most important marketing mix variables as grouped by Prof. E. Jerome McCarthy: i) Product ii) Promotion

  • Marketing Management Group Project

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    Marketing Management Group Project iPad Air Liberty University BMAL 520 Strategic Marketing Management – Section B06 December 13, 2013   Abstract Marketing management is an evolving field and plays an important role in the success or failure of a business or product. Group 3 selected Apple, iPad Air for the research project. The paper will address important marketing considerations for the iPad Air. The topics researched includes marketing analysis