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  • On February 15 2013 a meteor streaked across sky and exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia. It set off

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    by just 17,200 miles. As it turns out, the Earth getting hit by meteorites isn’t so unusual. The meteor was most likely made of stony materials and not solid metal. The meteor exploded 12 to 15 miles above Earth’s surface due to the rise in pressure. Experts estimated that it released the energy of 300,000 to 500,000 tons of TNT. As a

  • Magma Contamination And Sulfide Immiscibility Of The Meteoric Impact Zone

    897 Words  | 4 Pages Sudbury, Canada is the location of a world class Ni-Cu deposit phenomena. Numerous studies have produced an explanation for the complex evolution of its deposition and enrichment thanks to the impaction of a meteorite 1.85 million years ago. The impact of the meteorite is thought to have caused fracturing that led to the generation of magma from deep in the crust that helped in later filling the crater and producing the igneous complex (Faggart et. al., 1985). The igneous complex (Figure

  • Murchison Meteorite

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    early Earth. Single-chain amphiphiles such as fatty acids, fatty alcohol, and monoglycerides also have the inherent ability to coalesce because of their bipolar nature and were confirmed to be existent by the Murchison meteorite. Monocarboxylic acids were found in excess on the meteorite and the physical properties of the vesicles they form were studied. The length and degree of unsaturation of the hydrocarbon chain affects vesicle permeability and stability properties.

  • Taking a Look at Tunguska Explosion

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    time on June 30,1908 an asteroid came plummeting down toward Earth's surface. This occurrence happened around the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Russia. "Recent scientific studies by meteorite researcher Christopher Chyba have estimated that the Tunguska event may have been caused by the explosion of a stony meteorite about 30 meters in diameter traveling at about 15 km/s. Compare the energy released by such an object with that of an atomic bomb such as those dropped on Japan in World War II." (Planetary

  • A Meteor will Strike the Earth and Destroy All Life Forms Essay example

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    A Meteor will Strike the Earth and Destroy All Life Forms “With millions and millions of meteors hurtling around in our solar system, there’s always a chance that one could hit Earth at any moment. But what would be the consequences and how would the Earth be affected if one does happen to hit? If an object from space hit the sea, a huge tidal wave would be formed, hundreds of meters high, which would leave most of the world under water for a period of time, destroying and killing everything

  • Essay On Fund Asteroid Studies

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    Should NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration) fund asteroid studies that other people lead? In my opinion, I think that NASA should fund other asteroid studies because if we are trying to go to Mars, then we need all the extra help we can get. If we have many people exploring and learning space, then we can find more about space, maybe go to Mars earlier than we thought, and be more prepared. NASA should fund asteroid studies because of our safety, resources, and our competitiveness

  • Developing A Way To Study Asteroids

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    It has always been a worry of researchers that at any moment an asteroid may hit Earth and cause significant damage. Only recently (the past hundred years or so) have people been able to make equipment powerful enough to detect asteroids coming toward Earth and orbiting Earth. This is a very important step in preventing damage to our fragile planet. One of the first asteroids orbiting Earth discovered was 1 Ceres by Piazzi in 1801 (Gehrels, 1999). Since all of the asteroids back in the 1800’s

  • Meteorite Case Study

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    Top 10 Ski Jackets for 2017 Meteorite by Dynafit The meteorite is a light weight jacket. It has synthetic insulation as well as two layers of waterproof and breathable fabric. Pros • It becomes warmer when it gets wet • It features body mapped insulation • It is super lightweight Cons • Doesn’t have vents • It is a bit crinkly Is it Durable? The Meteorite has a mid-level durability. It comprises of two layers of Thermium fabric. This saves cost, makes the jacket lighter, and prevents compressed

  • Essay on Life on Martian Meteorites

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    ABSTRACT In this paper, the great dispute of whether or not there is real evidence of life on martian meteorites is discussed. Findings of carbon globules, nanocrystal magnetites, and rod-shaped objects on ALH84001, Nakhla and Yamata 593 suggest biogenic processes once occurred on Mars. Furthermore, past atmospheric conditions and a current abundance of methane gas build more justification to martian life. Many of these discoveries are accused of being accounted for by either terrestrial contamination

  • Meteorites: The Evolution Of The Solar System In Antarctica

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    how the solar system formed. One of the clues scientists study to learn about the solar system is meteorites. Meteorites is a rock that have come from space and landed on earth. Meteorites are easy to find in Antarctica because the continent is covered in white and blue ice. Meteorites have an uneven and glossy surface, and they are dark, so they contrast with the snow and ice. Some of the Meteorites found in Antarctica