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  • Different Methods And Methods Of The Carbon Hydrogen Environments For The Specific Carbon Locations Within A Tested Structure

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    determined seven Carbon peaks that are associated with Ibuprofen, but there are some Carbon peaks that are not present on the spectra. These include the remaining two Carbons on the benzene ring and the Carbon that is in the carboxylic acid functional group. The theoretical peak locations for these Carbons would be 145-135 ppm for the aromatic Carbons and 200-180 ppm for the carbonyl Carbon. Our 60 MHz is not precise enough to separate these small peaks from the noise generated by the machine. Now with

  • What Is The Theoretical Volume Of Methyl Salicylate

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    less thermodynamically stable than the product; in this case, methyl salicylate was less stable than the salicylic acid. Heating was performed under reflux7. In this experiment, the reagent that was fully used when the reaction completed and limited the amount of product formed was the methyl salicylate, making it the limiting reagent. Determining the theoretical mass and volume of methyl salicylate required for the use of 5 mmol of methyl salicylate prior to experimental procedure served to set an

  • The Gas Leak Tragedy Of Bhopal

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    India is considered the worst industrial disaster in history. Originally, the Bhopal pesticide plants were to be some of the best and most beautiful plants which would have huge production capabilities. However, in 1984 there was a massive leak of methyl isocyanate (MIC) which spread out to local communities and has negatively affected the health of hundreds of thousands of people. The reason why the pesticide plant was created was for the “Green Revolution” in the 1960’s. Traditional farming methods

  • Lack Of Crystals Forming During The Ice Bath Essay

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    The results obtained in this experiment were better than expected. Throughout the duration of this experiment some difficulties were faced. The main difficulty encountered was the lack of crystals forming when the Aminophenol/Acetic Anhydride mixture was put in the ice bath. This resulted in the experiment needing to be repeated a further 3 times before any crystals formed. The percentage yield of 64.07% is a moderate yield and was better than expected considering the problems that were encounters

  • Chg Oral Hygiene

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    saline for oral care. Patients in the CHG group received care using 15 ml of 2% CHG, the use of tooth brushing, and suctioning up to four times per day (Tantipong et al., 2008). The normal saline group used the same procedure as the CHG group, but with the difference of using normal saline instead of CHG. The results of this study were that 4.9% or 5 out of 102 patients in the CHG group developed VAP and 11.4% or 12 out of 105 patients in the normal saline group developed VAP (Tantipong et al., 2008)

  • Wintergreen Oil Lab Report

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    synthetically prepare a sample of salicylic acid from methyl salicylate, also known as wintergreen oil. The salicylic acid formed is to be compared to salicylic acid synthesized from benzene and determine whether or not the two acids differ. This experiment occurs through organic synthesis, meaning in order to create the desired product, the starting material must be chemically modified. The first step of the experiment was to reflux methyl salicylate with 6M NaOH. Sodium hydroxide was used in

  • Great Butte Mining Research Paper

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    On June 8, 1917, one of the most devastating disasters in Montana took place. Over 160 miners died, this disaster being the Great Butte Mining Disaster of 1917. It was truly a devastation… When a fire-safety, electrical line was being installed, which would’ve been convenient five minutes later, the weight of the line was unbearable, causing the line to drop down the shaft. Before plastic, wire was insulated with oil soaked cloth. Ernest Sullau climbed through debris with a carbide lamp that touched

  • Helping Adult Hypertenstive Patients with Difficulty Swallowing

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    Aim: The aim of this work was preparing once daily fast disintegrating tablets to handle easily for adult hypertensive patients who have difficulty in swallowing. Methods: Solid dispersions bisoprolol hemifumarate (SD-BH) was prepared by using EC and HPMC in different ratios. A 3* 22 full factorial design was used to investigate the main formulation parameters (different fillers, binder differ in the molecular weight and different coat type). SD-BH were prepared and characterized by DSC. Disintegration

  • The Death Of A Manicurist

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    Death of a Manicurist When the time comes for a woman, or even a male, to get their nails done, it is not typical to think about the impact on the workers. The lives of the technicians are deeply impacted by their jobs and how dangerous the chemicals are they surround themselves with every day. Sarah Maslin Nir’s article “Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers” from the New York Times, an article from Scientific American by Dine Fine Maron, and The United States Department of Labor gives many reasons why

  • Analysis Of Thee I Sing

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    Of Thee I Sing Analysis As actors, we are forced to absorb everything around us and express our views on the world. Of Thee I Sing succeeds as a play that reflects the world around them while poking fun at it. The play itself was fun, colorful, and interesting. From its high energized actors to its well choreographed dancing and singing. Of Thee I Sing is a musical that is full of terrific acting, dancing, staging, and stage directing. Anyone who did not see this production made a mistake not to