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  • Louis Riel Essay

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    Patriote or Traitor? Louis Riel was born in 1844. He was captured and executed by Canadian authorities in November 16, 1885. He was a leader who gave up his life and time to fight for the right of the Metis, Indians and the western settlers. He was an well-educated young man fluent in both French and English. He was also selected as the Metis’s spokesman to negotiate with the Canadian government. During the 1869-70, he led the rebel when Canada purchases Manitoba from the Hudson’s bay company

  • Making Metis Everywhere

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    White Settler Revisionism and Making Metis Everywhere. The writers of this article both Adam and Darryl tries to explain in this article how the Metis came to dominate the northern part of America. They explain that metis was a group of indigenous people who were as a result of a mixed race of different people from different origins which included; Indian, American and Euro American. This multi-racial ancestry is what came to form up the metis nation as it is referred to who mostly dominated around

  • The Apartheid Of The South African Apartheid Essay

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    effects on current and succeeding generations. While all groups of race where segregated, not all groups where segregated evenly. Throughout this paper I will be looking to examine the similarities between the Coloured group of the Apartheid and the Metis Nation of the Indian Act. South Africa’s Apartheid Segregation between white and black long preceded the apartheid, however, this remained the prime objective in the creation of the apartheid state. This system created a racial hierarchy which started

  • Louis Riel: A Hero

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    41 year-old Metis father Louis David Riel passed away at 8:00am(CTZ) .After a long battle in court, he was sentenced to execution for treason which led him to be hung in Regina, Saskatchewan. On October 22, 1844 Julie Lagimodière gave birth to her son Louis Riel in lovely family home located in Sant Boniface, Winnipeg Manitoba. Over a number of years, Louis Riel spent countless hours attending a law school studying and expanding his knowledge on local politics. Being one of few metis politicians

  • Northwest Rebellion Research Paper

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    not benefit every group involved, specifically the Metis. The population of the Buffalo was dwindling, which was their most important food source, and without it, their culture and way of life would be completely ruined. They tried to sustain themselves, but as you would guess, it was no use. They began starving, so their last option was to call for help from the Canadians. This was fantastic news for the Government, as they could trade the Metis food and small plots of land, for their much

  • Natives and Self-government Essay

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    It is a characteristic that has been evident in treaty-making throughout Canada for more than three hundred years and it continues to be the order of the day in modern treaties, claims and agreements being negotiated with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis across in Canada. 1 One of the central issues in the negotiations over the past three decades has been the question of aboriginal self-government, which has taken second place only to comprehensive land claims negotiations in areas where no treaties

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Halfbreed ' By Maria Campbell

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    she points out the differences between the Native people and the whites, as well as those of status Indians with non-status Native people. Both whites and full-blooded Native people rejected her due to her designation as a non-status Native, otherwise known as Metis. Filled with a strong feeling of resentment and anger, Campbell’s search for self-identity and her struggle to overcome the poverty, discrimination, and cruelty experienced by Metis individuals are described within the novel. When Campbell

  • Racism in Literature Essay

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    whites. The Métis are a rejected lot and she feels things should remain the way they are. This shows that she had been hurt by the whites and does not trust any of them. Piquette feels that she can do nothing much when it comes to bridging the gap between the whites and the Métis and ignores all the attempts to socialize with Vanessa. The whites have a good life of luxury. The McLeod’s have a cottage on Lake Diamond. They can afford to spend on holidays while the socially ostracized Métis live in despair

  • Louis Reil Journey

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    Now, what would have happened to the country if Louis Reil didn’t exist, or didn’t choose to lead the rebellions? Well, there would be a lot of changes. Metis life would have been even worse that it already was, and that is something hard to achieve, because Metis life already was really quite horrible. If there was no Reil or like figure, the Metis would probably have experienced something similar to that of the BC First Nations. Many attempts at assimilation, all under different guises, and sometimes

  • Historic Treaties And Its Effects On The Peoples Of This Land Essay

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    INSERT SOMETHING ABOUT SOCIOLOGY PAPER. Historic treaties continue to be relevant in Canada today because ever since Christopher Columbus arrived to an undiscovered continent, he managed to employ detrimental consequences to the peoples of this land. The treaty was one of the colonial processes that would allow for the exploitation of the First Nations. Many Aboriginal Signatories to treaties understood the treaty agreements as being the foundation of a relationship with the Crown and that this relationship