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  • Persuasive Essay : Learning Self-Forgiveness

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    Yesterday I did something really stupid - again. It's a mistake I've made many times before, and each time I make it I beat myself up about it. Today, I woke up and realized I needed a healthy dose of self-forgiveness (along with some better choices in the future), so I decided to find some quotes on self-forgiveness today, because I really, really needed to read them. They helped! If you are in the same boat as me, and need a healthy dose of self-forgiveness, then keep reading. 1. Learning Self-Forgiveness

  • Altruistic And Kind Behavior In Catholic Schools

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    Kindness is often associated with benevolence, empathy, courtesy, friendliness, generosity, and, as defined in this research, altruism. That is, the act of putting others before oneself, without expectation of reward. This kind behavior is often one of the characteristics Catholic schools aim to instill on their students through upholding the religious values of prayer and faith. The researcher aims to investigate if these Catholic school students were motivated to do kind acts through the religious

  • What Is The Theme Of The Poison Tree

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    The poison tree was a story about a straight A, naïve and dull college girl who tried to go out of her comfort zone. Karen is always the good girl until she became college. She met Biba who is very opposite to her. Biba is a “go with the flow” kind of girl. Karen decided to go with Biba and live with her and his brother Rex who became the love interest of Karen. Drugs, liquor, cigarette and sex flowed when Karen and Rex started their relationship. Karen thought that she already found the love and

  • The Theravada Tradition Of The Metta Forest Monastery

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    Tucked away in the mountains of the northern San Diego County, hidden in an avocado orchard is the Metta Forest Monastery. The Metta Forest Monastery was founded in 1990 by Ajaan Suwat Suvaco and practices the Theravada tradition, primarily the Thai Forest Tradition. At the monastery there are currently nine American monks and one Thai monk. I arrived to the monastery at night for their evening meditation service on March 12th, 2016. The pathways that led up to the monastery were lined by small lights

  • Personal Narrative: Bring Back To The Police Department

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    in reference to stealing. Upon my arrival I made contact with Metta Larue, who advised me there had been a burglary at her residence at 2105 Spring Street and her residence is in disarray and all of her jewelry was missing. I accompanied Metta to her residence and upon further conversation it was discovered she believed her son had stolen her property and all of the damages where cause by her son over the last few years. I provided Metta with a statement which she advised she would bring back to the

  • Comparing Stoicism And Buddhism

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    Stoicism and Buddhism are two popular belief systems pertaining to life and living. Stoicism, a philosophical school which arose in 300 BCE (Lecture [Oct 17], Slide #5), speaks of “living in accordance with nature” and otherwise understanding that everything happens for the well being of everyone and everything as a whole (Lecture [Oct 17], Slide #7-8). This is shown through distinguishing between what is and is not in your control and putting a barrier of sorts between you and what is not in your

  • Love And Imperfection In Buddhism And Christianity

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    room to a need for perfection in the first place and, conversely, the perfection is what stems back from the imperfections. In Buddhism, the closest word used to describe love is “Metta”, which means loving-kindness. This is described as a desire to eliminate selfishness for the welfare of someone else. The famous Metta-Sutta gives a description that allows us to understand the concept of love in Buddhism. Whatever living beings there be… May all beings be happy. Let none deceive another, Nor despise

  • The My Lai Massacre

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    Sanctioned massacres are massacres in which the targets of the mission have not threated the perpetrators of the violence, "The My Lai Massacre: A Military Crime of Obedience" written by Herbert C. Kelman and V. Lee Hamilton explains how this sanctioned massacre, resulting in over one hundred lost lives of unarmed citizens by US soldiers in the village of Son My (Kelman & Hamilton 131-132). The orders were traced back to a Lt. William Calley who was originally charged with most of the murdered in

  • Managing The Massive Produced Data Is Done Through Information System

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    Introduction There is lot of data being produced around us every minute and it has to be stored, categorized, searched and sorted to gain knowledge. Managing the massive produced data is done through information system which is defined as “set of computer related tools used to collect, store, process and access information”. Information system is also defined as an integrated set of components for collecting, storing and processing data to deliver information and knowledge. A typical information

  • Thematic Essay On Peace

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    Peace is a fundamental part of many religions. Just because many religions practice peace doesn’t mean they practice it the same way. All religions have their own distinct view of peace and go about achieving and promoting peace in different ways. Religion also relates to the concept of nonviolence. Most religions teach people to be kind to and love others. Two religions that have very different views of peace are Buddhism and Islam. Buddhism is considered a very peaceful religion. Peace is