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  • The Hazrat I Chelebi

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    Today, and in the historical setting, the leader of the Mevlevi order is a direct descendant of Jalâl ud-Dîn Rûmî, known as the Hazrat-i Chelebi . Beginning with the son of Rûmî, who first began to organize the current understanding of the Sufi order, this hereditary nature played into the role Mevlevis had in the Islamization process. Interestingly, there does not seem to be a need for mystic wisdom to be the Hazrat-i Chelebi. According to one source, “It is not necessary that the [Chelebi] be

  • The Between Religion And Music Essay

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    Music and religion are often intertwined, whether it be religious chanting or hymns used to worship. However, in the case of Islam, the relationship between religion and music is more strained, as Islamic law strictly forbids listening to music. However, there is a very strong religious debate on what constitutes music as diversion and what is acceptable to use in worship and religious purposes. There are two concepts in Islam which are relevant to this conversation: sama and ghina. The ghina

  • The Influence and Role of the Islamic Tradition in Turkey Essays

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    Islam has been a dominant force throughout Turkish history. During the Ottoman Empire, Islam ruled every part of the theocratic state, but after the demise of the empire, Turkey's rulers led the country away from political Islam. The modern Turkish state has a strictly secular government, and Islam has been relegated to the personal sphere. Although Turkey has experienced a rise in fundamentalism in the past twenty years, the separation of church and state has remained relatively intact. Even with