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  • Profile on Michael Lee Chin

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    Profile on local Entrepreneur – Michael Lee-Chin Due Date: June 11, 2012 Profile on Michael Lee-Chin Jamaica has, over the years, produced some very influential and successful entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, Jamaicans are known to excel in just about everything we do. In my opinion, the epitome of Jamaican excellence in entrepreneurism is none other than Mr. Michael Lee- Chin. Michael Lee-Chin, Chairman, Portland Holdings Inc is regarded as a visionary entrepreneur whose philosophy

  • Mr. Rogers ' Neighborhood

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    wild-eyed Sharrod, who tells Namond that he needs to “back off” his corner. Not wanting to appear weak, Namond shoves Sharrod, unaware that he was high and carrying a gun. In another episode later on in season four, after Michael explains to Namond that Kenard ripped him off, Michael accompanies Namond to retrieve his stash, reminding him that “you gotta step to him, put somethin ' real behind them words.” In contrast to these experiences— during which time Namond was living with his mother— season

  • 'How Do Buildings Mean' By William Whyte

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    Language in architecture is considered an imperative part of designing, embedding itself within architectural gestures spanning a number of historical periods including contemporary projects of today. Throughout William Whyte’s essay ‘How Do Buildings Mean? Some Issues of Interpretation in the History of Architecture’ (2006), Whyte thoroughly dissects the concept of ‘meaning’ within architecture, questioning a number of approaches to discerning the meaning behind a building. “…we commonly do experience

  • Satan's Pity in Paradise Lost

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    “O Hell!” Satan’s opening exclamation of frustration immediately alerts readers to Satan’s state of mind. As Satan gazes on Adam and Eve, he is struck by their blissful state, which sends him into a spiral of confusion as he slightly reconsiders his plan to destroy them. To himself, Satan addresses the pair; he begins regretful and with pity for Adam and Eve. He later shifts in tone to vengeful, envious, and angry. Further exemplifying Satan’s contrasting attitudes, Milton uses antonymous words of

  • History of Biblical Angels

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    History of Biblical Angels Throughout history, you will find many religions discuss angels. But what is an angel? Is it a mythical creature with wings sent to protect you? Some may think so; others have different thoughts on the matter. But when did talk of angels first occur? Have they always been around? In this paper, I will attempt to define what an angel is and what they do. I will also discuss how angels differ between religions, as well as try to pinpoint the origin of angels. I will explain

  • A Recent E Commerce Threat

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    E-Commerce Threat Michaels Stores’ Breach Nitesh Timilsina E-Business Security (SEC573) Kathleen Milburn 03/22/2015   Table of Contents 1. Threat identification, technical features, and vulnerabilities 1 2. Diagram depicting the mechanism of attack and exploitation 2 3. Potential or actual consequences 5 4. Risk assessment 6 5. References 8  1. Threat identification, technical features, and vulnerabilities On January 2014, Michaels an art and craft retailer

  • Paradise Lost : Books V & V. Milton 's Scale Of Nature

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    Carly Merryman ENGL 328 Stoll 3 October 2014 Paradise Lost: Books V & VI Milton’s scale of nature, while appearing linear, allows the creatures within in it to “ascend to God” by “steps,” (V.512). This creates a dynamic scale that would enable a particular being the ability to move up and down the scale based on its behaviors, and align itself closer to God. However, an animal or a human can only climb so far. No matter how virtuous an animal was it could never surpass a human because it is lacking

  • John Milton 's Paradise Lost

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    A few years prior to writing Paradise Lost, John Milton lost his vision. In fact, Milton does not hide the reality that his “eyes, that roll in vain…find no dawn”(Paradise Lost, 3.22-23). The light that Milton refers to, however, is not just physical, but it is also spiritual. There is a third type of blindness that Milton addresses, blindness from knowledge. Milton is concerned with this form of blindness in a number of works, perhaps most notably Areopagitica. The acquisition of knowledge plays

  • Joan of Arc Essay

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    St. Michael is positioned perfectly upright with a majestic look as he is holding a sword away from his body horizontally with both hands. His body is covered with a golden body suit of armor except for his head, which is turned toward Joan and has a full halo

  • The Life Of Joan Of Arc

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    Isabelle or Romée. Her mother taught her how to work at home and on the farm. About God and the Catholic Church she only ever learned. When she hit the age of thirteen, she started hearing voices and having visions. In a few of her visions were Saint Michael and Saint Catherine. To help fight for France against the English she believed that they were all telling her. At sixteen years of age, she was forced into a marriage by her father after taking a vow of chastity, so she went to the court and they