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  • Film Analysis of Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore Essay

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    for Columbine by Michael Moore In the recent film “Bowling for Columbine,” Michael Moore claims that fear drives people to violence; a short animation clip is also used by Michael Moore to depict the history of the United States in the documentary. The animation brought out a number of issues that set people thinking. Issues on race, fear and violence are also discussed in the documentary (as well as the interview of Oprah Winfrey and Michael Moore.)It is shocking to

  • Michael Moore Capitailism a Love Story Review Essay

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    MOVIE REVIEW CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY BY MICHAEL MOORE Date: December 7, 2012 The film Capitalism: A Love Story is a documentary by Michael Moore which outlines the negative effects capitalism has on modern society. Moore points out that capitalism gives people the opportunity to make a lot of money and to have a high standard of living. However, for many workers, making an income to support a family can be quite impossible. At one time, you could find a secure job and live a

  • The Free Enterprise of Capitalism in Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore

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    What is Capitalism? Is it a free enterprise where industries and trading are privately controlled? According to Michael, Capitalism is ‘a system of taking and giving, mostly taking’. In the documentary Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore tackles the issue of Capitalism in a never ending quest to educate society. Capitalism: A Love Story directed by Michael Moore is a one-sided representation of Capitalism and its negative effects and irresponsibly promotes unlawful revolt against the government

  • How Michael Moore Makes His Arguments in Bowling for Columbine

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    How Michael Moore Makes His Arguments in Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore in his latest documentary, 'Bowling for Columbine', has aimed his camera directly between the eyes of our American culture. Using the school shootings of 1999 in Columbine and Flint as a starting point, Moore documents the fear and hypocrisy that has come to define this American culture. I'm going to avoid discussion of the specific material presented in this moving film; I feel no need to reinvent

  • Analysis Of Michael Francis Moore 's ' The Columbine High School Massacre '

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    Born in 1954, Michael Francis Moore is an American documentary filmmaker. His opening documentary, Roger & Me, “launched his career as one of America’s best-known and most controversial documentarians” (In IMDB). However, his documentary that studies the events of the Columbine high school massacre is what put him on the map. Bowling for Columbine won the Academy Award for Documentary feature in 2002. His notable films also include Fahrenheit 9/11, the highest-grossing documentary of all time that

  • Movie Analysis : Bowling For Columbine

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    identify. In the documentary, “Bowling for Columbine” directed by Michael Moore (2002), we as an audience follow Moore as he explores America’s violent history and whilst making us more aware of gun control in America he is also altering viewers opinions on gun control. This reading will explore the documentary conventions of interviews, montage and hand-held camera featured in Bowling For Columbine and question whether Michael Moore has used these conventions to subtly influence the way the audience

  • Sicko and Moore Essay

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    December 12, 2010 SiCKo: The Thought­Provoker Michael  Francis  Moore  is  a  controversial  American  filmmaker  who  has  directed numerous  documentaries.  These  documentaries  have  taken  a  large  spectrum  of  popular American  issues  and  reduced  them  to  one:  capitalism.  His  most  popular  cinematic  works include  Bowling  for  Columbine,  Fahrenheit  9/11,  Capitalism:  A  Love  Story,  and most­notably,  SiCKo.  With  a  liberal  stance,  Moore  has  documented  his  own  vision  on

  • The Truth Behind The Columbine Shooting

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    America’s star detective Michael Moore has done it again! In this edition, he uncovers the truth behind the Columbine shooting, and exposes the “real” menaces of America’s society. Or this is what we are led to believe… The Columbine Shooting has solidified itself as a tragic event in America’s past, and was a real wake-up call to the nation’s age-old gun problem. Michael Moore looks into this issue and decides it provides a great premise for his next documentary, his next crusade to flush out the

  • Essay on Roger and Me1

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    Roger and Me1 The Modes Moore Employs Roger and Me is the story of Michael Moore’s quest to right the wrong done to Flint, Michigan by Roger Smith, CEO of General Motors. GM factories closed down in Flint, resulting in unemployment for of thousands of workers. These laid off auto workers are products of generations of auto workers. GM has been a Flint way of life since the factories first opened. But, finding that operation and labor costs were substantially less in Mexico, Roger Smith filled

  • It’s Time to Demand More from Corporate America Essay

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    It’s Time to Demand More from Corporate America Michael Moore exposes corporate America's dark side in Roger and Me, Pets or Meat: The Return to Flint, and The Big One (Moore).  These show that corporate America is committing a form of domestic terrorism by dehumanizing and exploiting their workers then forcing them to the streets to survive. The actions by individuals such as Roger Smith and Phil Knight are perfect examples of capitalists constantly oppressing the working class described