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  • America's Downward Spiral Essay

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    America's Downward Spiral In recent years, the economy in the United States has been in what most would see as a recession. American people differ in the way they react to a recession. Some, such as Michael Moore, feel it becomes a downward spiral as big business and it’s stockholders gain more money and power, and it’s workers gain less money and stability. With a loss of stability for the American worker there is a fear of losing their health benefits, social security, pension plan, and

  • Essay on The Ideology of Media Blame

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    The Ideology of Media Blame For generations the media has been unfairly seen as the catalyst of violence and crime with in society. The Media, particularly television and film have been blamed for many atrocities over the years; some of these can be indirectly related to the media's involvement on people's lives. But some cannot. As a Media and Psychology student I have different views on the debate of media blame. As a psychologist I can understand the connection with

  • George Moore 's Film Roger And Me Essay

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    today, America stands too close to the capitalist end of the spectrum, and thus there are many economic inequalities, in that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and pull the less poor down with them. In the example of Flint, Michigan in Michael Moore’s film Roger and Me, when the many workers laid off when the GM factory relocated suddenly became unemployed. Another example of capitalism gone too far is in Mark Dowie’s article “Pinto Madness,” when Ford’s lobbyists made it virtually impossible

  • Documentary And Narrative Filmmaking

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    Bush administration handled it. Many believed Moore had an agenda against President George W. Bush while making the film and edited the movie to show the audience what he wanted them to see. The opening lines from Moore in the film are, “We worked hard on creating a work of cinema that would move people not just politically but on an emotional and visceral level. I hope we have made a contribution to this art form we love so much.” Unfortunately for Moore, debate sparked over Moore’s true intentions

  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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    In my government and economics class, we were assigned the task to decide whether we were pro-gun control or not. I was unclear of what side I wanted to choose and didn't want to choose the side that had less supporting details. As I did my research, it led me to choose pro-gun. I began researching what other people had to say about this huge controversial topic. I agree with those that believed obtaining guns is a way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. I started off my essay implying that

  • A Ride Youll Never Forget- Bowling for Columbine Essay

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    documentary film and has stirred up quite a bit of debate amongst its viewers. Thousands hail Moore for his ingenious creativity and are ready to take a stand to change America after seeing it. Bowling for Columbine is a great documentary because Moore creatively puts what seem to be unrelated shots and scenes together to create viewer’s minds to open up and think about things in ways they

  • Summary Of The Movie Sicko

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    Sicko is a documentary film directed by Michael Moore with a focus and deep discussion on American health care system, released in the year 2007. Michael Moore is an experienced documentary filmmaker whose Fahrenheit 9/11 is revered as among top 10 documentary films by The Guardian. He, together with most of his films, struggles to talk about essential topics in American society. In the film Sicko, it consisted of a series of interviews of people with different identities: patients, doctors, insurance

  • Pathos Ethos In Bowling For Columbine

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    and narrated by Michael Moore. Moore has won numerous awards including the Academy Award for best documentary feature. The film explores acts of violence with guns and the primary causes for the Columbine School Massacre, where two students shot and killed thirteen people and injured twenty-one others. Bowling for Columbine takes a deep and often disturbing probe into what the motives may have been for the shooters and investigates other gun-related issues along the way. Moore explores different

  • Perversions of Capitalism in Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story

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    imperfections? Taking the point of view of the ordinary man, Moore looks at how unchecked capitalism has alterred his path to self-attainment--leading to job and income loss, foreclosures, and the like. Washington, D.C. should have answers, but all he finds there are deceit and backstabbing. Its certainly a criticism of over-consumption, but satirically told. We take messages like this more to heart if told with a sense of humor. Moore slices through everything--home evictions, greedy real estate

  • How Bowling for Columbine Is Bias Essay

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    Biased viewpoint of Michael Moore tears viewers away from the actual problem, and perhaps even the film’s intended message itself… Alexi Heazle The idea of a documentary being an artistic or even personalised expression of a director is long gone, or so it seems in recent times. In Michael Moore’s latest documentary, Bowling for Columbine, he attempts to get across to viewers his, and essentially only his point of view, on the topic of gun laws. Although what Moore is trying to say is not