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  • Secret In The Wings Analysis

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    Secret in the Wings was a beautiful show that splendidly represented our department. It contained a wonderful ensemble that worked well together and brought individual strengths together to make a phenomenal whole. It also showcased the talent and dedication of the designers and technical team. They put up a wonderful show that was extremely pleasing to the senses and that supported the action on stage. The whole show had a wonderful flow and every artistic part played remarkably well together.

  • Ocelot Endangerment On Endangered Species Act

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    Ocelot Endangerment in Texas Zoë Steele 1184042   The leopardus pardalis, or the ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, has been endangered since 1982 and is protected by the Endangered Species Act (FWS, 2010). Ocelots have been declared a federally endangered species (Tewes, 2001). They are native to South and Central America as well as Mexico (FWS, 2010). Texas is a far north as the wild cat has been found, but a few have been noted to have lived in Arizona and Louisiana in the past (Campbell

  • The Middle Schoolers

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    ]When I was in the second grade my school bus broke down on the way home and we had to call for a bus from the middle school to finish dropping us off. I sat huddled in the torn green back seats with five boys from my class listening intently as a sixth grader explained to us some of the games the middle schoolers played at recess. “It’s called FMK. Fuck, Marry, Kill. You have to choose which person you would fuck, marry, or kill.” Some of the boys giggled but some stayed quiet, not understanding

  • The Work of Representation

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    The Work of Representation Stuart Hall Summarize by Jesse Tseng 1 Representation, meaning and language At first we have to know that: Representation is an essential part of the process by which meaning is produced and exchanged between members of a culture. It does involve the use of language, of signs and images which stand for or represent things. And surly it is not a simple or straightforward process. How this article exploring the concept of representation connect meaning and language to

  • Risk And Governmentality By Michel Foucault

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    Risk and governmentality Michel Foucault, a French philosopher, introduced the term governmentality in his lectures at Collège de France in the late1970s and early 1980s; so roughly between 1977 and 1984. The term governmentality refers to both the way in which a state governs the body of its population and to the way in which people are taught to govern themselves. In this paper I will explain what a ‘governmentality’ approach to risk means and what the implications of this approach are. Foucault

  • Foucault 's Discipline And Punishment

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    The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries experienced a surge of social reform movements linked to the Enlightenment, which transformed society into the modern culture seen today. Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish examines how punishment was viewed and enacted prior to the “humane” awakening of the eighteenth century, while establishing the progression of change that shifted punishment from the body to the soul. Foucault was a student and professor of philosophy and psychology during the twentieth

  • Essay on A Philosophy of the Impersonal

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    For a Philosophy of the Impersonal 1. Never more than today is the notion of person the unavoidable reference for all discourses, be they philosophical, political, or juridical in nature, that assert the value of human life as such. Leaving aside differences in ideology as well as specifically staked-out theoretical positions, no one doubts the relevance of the category of person or challenges it as the unexamined and incontrovertible presupposition of every possible perspective. This tacit convergence

  • According to Foucault, Archaeology Is a Method, Whereas Genealogy Is a Tactic. What Is the Difference?

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    There are a number of continuities of themes and interests in Foucault’s work. There is also evidence of shifts of emphasis, changes of direction, developments and reformations, which have led to a number of critiques of Foucault’s work to talk about breaks, differences and discontinuities within his work. One moment least a shift of emphasis does appear to be present is in the writings which emerged after the Archaeology of Knowledge and after the brief cultural and political event known as May

  • Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind By Michel Gondry Essay

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    never again feel this type of agony. If possible, would you eradicate the memory of another human? In the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) and Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet) do exactly this. Directed by Michel Gondry, this American romantic comedy wonderfully expresses the idea that a person’s memories are fundamental in human growth. Through cinematography, lighting, and character development, Gondry successfully directs one of the best twenty-first-century

  • A Brief Note On Foucault 's Theory Of Power Essay

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    For Foucault (1975), a Panopticon is a building with a tower at the center from which it is possible to see each cell in which a prisoner or schoolboy is incarcerated. The tower is positioned in a manner that allows the guard sitting therein to view all of the prisoners within the surrounding cells without obstruction. Visibility is a trap. Each individual is seen by the guard but cannot communicate with them. The panopticon induces a sense of permanent visibility that ensures the functioning of