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  • Ford Field In Michigan

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    Michigan was first owned by Paris until a group of Native Americans had lost a battle to the fallen timbers and the New U.S took control of Michigan. Michigan had become a state on Jan.26, 1837 and was the 26th state to join the U.S. When iron and copper were found in Upper Peninsula impetus was created for the construction of the Soo Locks which was completed. The Soo locks are parallel locks that enables ships to travel between Lake Superior and other Great Lakes. In 1850 there was a population

  • The State Of The Michigan Legislature

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    The Michigan legislature has been considering an iGaming bill that may result in Michigan being the next US state to implement iGaming. While iGaming would be a new step for Michigan, the state already has some experience with forms of gaming on the internet. Michigan was one of the first states to implement an iLottery, and it proved to be a popular venture. Over 276,000 residents of Michigan have opened iLottery accounts and hundreds of thousands of tickets are sold per day through the iLottery

  • Racism In Flint, Michigan

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    of Flint, Michigan was struck by a water crisis. The first thing residents noticed after the Flint River began flowing through their taps were the colors. The color was constantly changing blue one day than you began to see tints of green and sometimes even some brown. Next came the smell the Flint people said that it was

  • The Effects Of Water On The Land Of Michigan

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    The land of Michigan has been hugely impacted by water throughout its entire formation. Michigan’s land is very diverse, the Upper Peninsula is surrounded by water and has many inland lakes but also has many mountains. The Lower Peninsula is much flatter, especially near the southern part of Michigan. All of these land structures were caused by water affecting the environment. The cycle of water, movement through all of the different forms of water, affects the land in all ways and each form that

  • My Visit To Michigan

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    If I had a ticket to go anywhere, I would go to Michigan state for the reasons that it has been a dream of mine for a undoubtedly long amount of time. It has been a dream of mine because a bunch of my friends talk about how great it is, how cold winter is, along with how lovely the lakes are. I love cold weather as much as I love water. Michigan being known for its great lakes has the largest freshwater coast in country 3,288 miles of shoreline. Oh the refreshing water against your skin during the

  • Michigan University Of Michigan Football Team

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    The title says it all. The University of Michigan Football Team has been transformed into a monster from the start of the Harbaugh Era. Before Jim Harbaugh took over as head coach Michigan suffered a devastating 5-7 season and missed a bowl game under Brady Hoke. The team is now on the up rise. Even though the statement may offend some, it is true. There are those critics that firmly disagree because of the big plays the defense sometimes allows, an inexperienced quarterback and weak schedule

  • Social And Economic Problems Faced By Michigan

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    Along with challenges and battles, Michigan has made it a long ways in a very diverse range of areas. History is what brings us to where we are today. Throughout time, I believe that every leader, politician, and good citizen strived to crate a better place to live. If this is true than the strides that Michigan has made to become the best it can be are due to the love and devotion that michiganders have to their sate and their country. Just because people try to do good and do their best to

  • Essay about Test: History of Michigan

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    Begun in 1817 and completed in 1825, this 350-mile-long transportation route was the engineering marvel of its day. It enabled Michigan farmers to ship their products to Eastern cities and brought thousands of new settlers into the Michigan Territory. What was it called? A) The National Road B) Erie Canal C) Chicago Military Road D) Sault Ste. Marie Canal 3.In 1837, the Michigan State Legislature passed a Public Improvement Act, which authorized the governor to sell $5 million in bonds to fund the construction

  • How Water Shaped Michigan Essay

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    How Water Shaped Michigan People often wonder how the continents, states, and other landforms develop their shape and structure. Our earth, continents, countries, and states developed over billions of years and water played a huge roll in the development, shape, and structure. Within this exploratory essay you will gain knowledge on how Michigan, specifically, was shaped and how water affects the state in many ways and will continue to do so every single day until the earth ceases to exist. Description

  • Education Reform In Michigan

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    Michigan is a bottom 10 state in education performance, according to one key recent measure. The state’s fourth-graders fell to 41st from 38th in the National Assessment of Education Performance reading test; other grade levels and subjects posted similarly dismal results. While other states are making some progress in improving education quality, Michigan is stagnant. And don’t think the numbers are skewed by poor-performing urban school districts — suburban students also lag behind, with just