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  • Islamic Microfinance And Islamic Institutions

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    financial tools. According to CGAP 2013, there are around 255 Islamic microfinance providers in the world (Figure 1 and 2). Studies conducted in Bangladesh, Sudan and Indonesia show that Islamic microfinance is growing at much faster rate than conventional microfinance. TechNavio forecasts the market to grow at a CAGR of 19.7 percent over the period 2013-2018. There is a huge opportunity for the growth of Islamic Microfinance in Pakistan as well. This sector is scattered and there is a need for

  • Success of Microfinance Banks in Pakistan

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    Pakistan is an enormous business for microfinance industry which has tapped almost 2.6 million dynamic borrowers against 30 million focused on clients to a great extent dwelling in little urban areas and towns with no right to gain entrance to fiscal establishments. Microfinance area in Pakistan began with an expectation to fiscally encourage the underprivileged, while imitating accomplishment of comparative foundations from different parts of the world. At first these establishments were for the

  • Overview of Housing Microfinance

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    Housing Microfinance “Inadequate sanitation and housing threaten the lives and health of some 600 million urban dwellers world-wide.” – CGAP (Bonnie Brusky) This research paper will concentrate on the innovation of housing microfinance. Housing microfinance is helping to give loans to individuals that are suffering from poor infrastructure. This type of microfinance will aid in increasing the level of living standards. This paper will analyze the current organizations that deal with housing microfinance

  • The Pros And Cons Of Microfinance

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    clearly explains the essence of microfinance and its importance in the modern economy. Microfinance is a source of financial services and resources to the small entrepreneurs, villagers and less privileged section of the society. In December 2007, Forbes has brought out a special magazine on microfinance and has described microfinance as the next buzzword. Global Context and History The concept of microfinance is not something new. In fact, the history of the microfinance goes back as early as the 15th

  • Essay On Microfinance Sector

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    From a structural perspective, however, the potential for growth across most microfinance markets is vast as financial exclusion remains widespread. In spite of the rate of financial inclusion progressing rapidly in the last decade, a large gap is observed between developing and developed countries. For instance, while the ratio of

  • Microfinance: Deathbed for Communism

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    Microfinance, death bell for communism Microfinance is widely talked about throughout the world. Through the remote part of Bangladesh it kicked off its journey and gradually flew through the kingdom of light hovering clouds to spread its message. And the target group easily understood and promptly absorbed its mesmerising effect. This way credibility of the system was established within comparatively short span of time. In a World Bank estimate about 160 million from the developing countries at

  • Microfinance Macro-Consequences

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    Paradoxes abound in the English language; from comical ones like “jumbo shrimp” to more profound ones like “deafening silence”. But paradoxes are more than literary terms, they also exist in real situations as well. For example, one method of reducing world poverty seems to be an inherent paradox. When a country is impoverished it seems counterintuitive that one of the most desirable ways to alleviate large-scale poverty is by loaning money to the people. Despite this, microloans have improved

  • The Determinants Of Financial Sustainability Of Microfinance Institutions

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    meaning of key concepts, followed by the main theories used in this study to explain the determinants of financial sustainability of microfinance institutions in Nigeria. A theoretical framework is then developed based on the accounting theory and theoretical background presented as reviewed from available literature in microfinance. 4.1 CONCEPT OF MICROFINANCE Microfinance is the provision of small scale financial services to low income or unbanked people. It is about provision of “a broad range of

  • Challenges for Microfinance Organizations Serving the Poor

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    WHAT CHALLENGES DO MICROFINANCE ORGANISATIONS FACE IN THEIR ATTEMPTS TO SERVE THE POOR? ASSESS THE POTENTIAL BENEFITS AND DRAWBACKS OF MICROFINANCE IN IMPROVING LIVING STANDARDS. Over the last 15 years microfinance institutions (MFIs) have rapidly expanded. The number of poor families with a microloan has grown from 7.6 million in 1997 to 137.5 million in 2010. Microcredit has generated significant confidence for fast poverty alleviation; creating a multiplier effect leading to the eradication of

  • Pros and Cons of Microfinance Essay

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    and under development the idea of microfinance has been created. India has experienced microfinance in both good and bad ways, and I want to use this